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Watson Assistant 如何第一时间解决客户问题

IBM Watson Assistant 是一款人工智能驱动的虚拟代理,可为客户提供快速、一致和准确的答案,包括任何消息传递平台、应用程序、设备或渠道。Watson Assistant 使用 AI 和 NLP 从客户对话中学习,提高首次解决问题的能力,同时消除长时间等待、繁琐搜索和无益聊天机器人的挫折感。 …

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Discover 2 Love Podcast - with IBM and The Marketing Society.

Tracey Gilbert, IBM Executive for Customer Transformation and Sophie Devonshire, CEO of The Marketing Society discuss the latest trends in Customer Experience.

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ADO + IBM: Cronstruyendo una estrategia de datos sólidos para la transformación digital

La asociación con IBM / GBS para construir una estrategia de datos sólida permitirá a las empresas tomar mejores decisiones basadas en datos y mejorar el tiempo de…

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ADO + IBM: Construindo uma estratégia de dados forte para transformação digital

A parceria com a IBM / GBS para construir uma estratégia de dados forte permitirá que as empresas tomem melhores decisões baseadas em dados e melhorem o tempo de entrada no…

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Automação e o Futuro do Trabalho em Pearson

Pearson está adotando a automação tanto na experiência do cliente como nas suas operações internas para fazer seus processos mais eficientes e liberar tempo…

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Como seguradoras se beneficiam usando IBM Cloud Paks

Conheça como Theresa, CIO de uma companhia de seguros, usa IBM Cloud Paks para modernizar suas operações.

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Cómo las aseguradoras se benefician usando IBM Cloud Paks

Conozca como Theresa, CIO de una empresa aseguradora usa IBM Cloud Paks para modernizar sus operaciones.

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Automatización y el Futuro del Trabajo en Pearson

Pearson está adoptando la automatización tanto en la experiencia de usuario como en sus operaciones internas para hacer sus procesos más eficientes y liberar tiempo para…

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IBM Watson Assistant solves customer problems the first time

IBM Watson Assistant is an AI-powered virtual agent that provides customers with fast, consistent and accurate answers across any messaging platform, application, device or channel. Using AI and NLP,…

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A Year in Review

Neil Cattermull and Michael Conway talk AI, Customer Experience and what we have learned during the pandemic.

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How CIOs benefit from insurance claims automation with IBM Cloud® Paks

Meet Theresa, a CIO of an auto insurance company inundated by legacy systems. See how she uses IBM Cloud Paks to modernize operations and automate insurance claims to improve customer experience,…

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Intelligent CX transformation with IBM and Adobe

The modern consumer expects personalization across the customer lifecycle. It is a brand's responsibility to line up with ever-evolving expectations and serve the right experience at the right…

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IBM Cloud for Financial Services session with Pål Krogdahl, CTO and Industry Technical Leader, Banking and Financial Markets

IBM Cloud for Financial Services is designed to build trust and enable an ecosystem with features for security, compliance and resiliency

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ICMIによるThe Contact Centerの全貌

5 in 10: 5 Tips to Improve Your Contact Center in 10 minutesEach 10-minute episode of this fast-paced, multi-part series will explore tips and tricks to innovate and deliver exceptional employee and…

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