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IBM watsonx Assistant + NICE CXone: Builder demo

This demo showcases the native integration between watsonx Assistant and NICE CXOne, from a builder perspective. The video highlights various capabilities including how to build in Actions (our…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Integration with Nice CXone

A connection between your virtual agent and NICE CXone contact center solutions is easy to set up in watsonx Assistant. This integration will smoothly transfer customers from a chatbot interaction to…

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このデモ・ビデオでは、生成AIとフェイス・ボットにより人間と会話しているようなリアルな顧客体験をご覧いただきます。ユーザーからの質問を音声で受け付け、その質問を使ってWatson Discoveryで取り込んだ文章を検索し、検索結果から生成AIであるNeuralSeekという製品で回答を自動生成し、ユーザーインターフェイスのアバターをWatson…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Integrations

For a virtual assistant to reach its full potential and deliver personalized and effective experiences, it needs to be capable of integrating with just about anything, from digital channels to…

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IBM watsonx Assistant - Conversational Search

Get a preview of the new conversational search capabilities of watsonx Assistant. The demonstration shows how users can generate accurate, contextual conversational answers grounded in…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Call Center Modernization

With watsonx Assistant you can make your AI virtual assistant available over the phone and guide callers through actions with the same sophistication as in chat. This will dramatically reduce call…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Customer Experience

Customers don’t like digging for information and don’t want to be put on hold to get simple answers – they expect an immediate connection and quick resolutions to their problems.…

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Build your first AI-powered chatbot using IBM watsonx Assistant Actions

IBM Watson Assistant enables you to build AI-powered virtual assistants simply and intuitively so you can deliver fast, consistent, and accurate solutions to your customers. Learn how to develop your…

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Welcome to watsonx Assistant

The new watsonx Assistant is here. Follow along for a quick orientation covering the concepts and features you'll need to be familiar with to build an assistant with actions.

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Alexis Flouw, Développeur à l’IRCEM, témoigne sur son expérience de chatbot

Il évoque son parcours et les 3 dimensions de son métier : les technologies, l’organisation et le partage d’expérience, illustrées par un projet chatbot.

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O IBM Watson Assistant resolve os problemas do cliente na primeira vez

O IBM Watson Assistant é um assistente virtual alimentado por IA que fornece aos clientes respostas rápidas, consistentes e precisas em qualquer plataforma de mensagens, aplicativo,…

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Wie Watson Assistant Kundenprobleme auf Anhieb löst – animiertes Video

Animiertes Teaser-Video, dass den Nutzen den Einsatz von KI anhand von Watson Assistant für den Kundenservice erläutert.

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Vidéo animée sur la façon dont l'assistant Watson résout les problèmes des clients du premier coup

Vidéo animée expliquant l'IA pour le marché du service client et la valeur de Watson Assistant.

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Cómo Watson Assistant resuelve los problemas de los clientes a la primera

Vídeo animado de avance que explica la inteligencia artificial para el mercado de servicio al cliente y el valor de Watson Assistant.

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Chatbot - IBM is there... did you know?

Listen from an IBMer about some chatbots you probably have had contact with and had no idea belonged to us!

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IBM Watson Assistant resuelve los problemas de los clientes a la primera

IBM Watson Assistant es un asistente virtual impulsado por la IA que proporciona a los clientes respuestas rápidas, coherentes y precisas en cualquier plataforma de mensajería,…

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