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IBM: Let’s create 期待に応える顧客対応を、watsonx Assistantとともに。

お客様にトラブルが起きても、正しい対応ができれば信頼を回復するきっかけに。 watsonx AssistantならAIが的確な対応を実現します。 watsonx Assistantの詳細はこちら↓ 🔗

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生成AIが入っているチャットボットと入っていないチャットボット 比較デモ

複雑な問い合わせを理解し、人間らしい会話を簡単に進められる生成AIチャットボットと音声アシスタントを使用して、会話の体験を強化します。対話型AIチャットボット watsonx Assistant 製品のご紹介

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Under construction image from licensed Adobe Stock Images

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Rethink the agent experience

What if you could use generative AI not to replace your CSRs but to make them more productive ? It’s time to rethink the agent experience.

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Rethink contact-center operations

What if AI could help you turn contact-center operations from a sunk cost into a relationship builder? It’s time to rethink contact centers.

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Rethink customer self-service

What if generative AI could create virtual assistants that can answer virtually everything? It’s time to rethink customer self-service.

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Describes the four algorithms Watson Assistant uses to complete successful conversations with users

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IBM watsonx Assistant + NICE CXone: Builder demo

This demo showcases the native integration between watsonx Assistant and NICE CXOne, from a builder perspective. The video highlights various capabilities including how to build in Actions (our…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Integration with Nice CXone

A connection between your virtual agent and NICE CXone contact center solutions is easy to set up in watsonx Assistant. This integration will smoothly transfer customers from a chatbot interaction to…

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Watson Asssistant Introductory Video

Building Intelligent Virtual Agents with IBM Watson Assistant course introductory video explains the business use case and how Watson Assistant would be a solution to the business problem.

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Integrations

For a virtual assistant to reach its full potential and deliver personalized and effective experiences, it needs to be capable of integrating with just about anything, from digital channels to…

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Watson Assistant - Accelerated Authoring

Get a preview of accelerated authoring capabilities in Watson Assistant. The demonstration shows how users can accelerate the process for building conversational flows using generative AI…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Call Center Modernization

With watsonx Assistant you can make your AI virtual assistant available over the phone and guide callers through actions with the same sophistication as in chat. This will dramatically reduce call…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Customer Experience

Customers don’t like digging for information and don’t want to be put on hold to get simple answers – they expect an immediate connection and quick resolutions to their problems.…

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Let's rethink customer service

If you designed your customer service experience for a new company, what would you automate to make it better? Find out in this expert video.

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Build your first AI-powered chatbot using IBM watsonx Assistant Actions

IBM Watson Assistant enables you to build AI-powered virtual assistants simply and intuitively so you can deliver fast, consistent, and accurate solutions to your customers. Learn how to develop your…

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