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IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Chatbots

Can your chatbots actually…chat? Learn how IBM RPA lets you build and expose chatbots in just a few commands, automating day-to-day tasks across your business so your bots can work with you,…

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What do RPA Bots have to do with Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Use case-based video that will show how a business can use RPA with AI in chatbots, with computer vision and for classifying documents to increase efficiency. Participate in a 30 day RPA trial.

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UBank: melhorando a experiência de cliente com o chatbot de IA - LA - BR-PT

UBank é o primeiro banco exclusivamente on-line da Austrália. Ele usou o IBM Cloud Garage para conceber e planejar seu assistente inteligente, o RoboChat, o produto mínimo…

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UBank: AI 챗봇으로 고객 경험 개선

UBank는 호주 최초 온라인 전용 은행입니다. IBM Cloud Garage를 통해 은행이 IBM Cloud 플랫폼에서 Watson Assistant로 구현 가능한 챗봇 시스템 RoboChat을 구상 및 계획했습니다. 몇 달 동안의 베타 테스크 기간 동안 RoboChat은 답변 가능한 질문 영역을 8만 개로 확장했습니다. RoboChat을 사용하여…

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nib: Using AI to help expand healthcare coverage across New Zealand

nib leverages IBM Watson Assistant technology to develop Frankie, a virtual health insurance consultant. Frankie interacts with customers by responding to routine queries, this helps live agents…

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