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Putting AI to work for Application Modernization

Businesses are constantly reinventing their ways of working for multiple reasons—be it to take advantage of the latest innovation, to enhance productivity or sometimes just to avoid…

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The rise of generative AI for business

Arthur C. Clarke famously said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” But Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not magic. It’s math and science, and…

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AI Empowered HR: Responsibility, ethics and organizational readiness

Generative AI seems to be in the news daily, absorbing both our professional and personal conversations. Business leaders look to HR to lead the way in the responsible use of AI, where to start their…

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Breaking through generative AI uncertainty & driving results: IBM 2023 Dreamforce Keynote

Generative AI has inspired awe but also trepidation. Hear from IBM leaders, experts, and clients about how organizations are exploring how to ethically adopt generative AI for business. …

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Wind Tre’s digital transformation with IBM’s AI Automated solutions

Watch Anna Paula - Chair and GM IBM EMEA and Carlo Melis - CTO Wind Tre discuss Wind Tre’s digital transformation journey.

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Demo: Generative AI and machine learning with IBM

With IBM, you can train, validate, tune and deploy generative AI, foundation models and machine learning (ML) capabilities with ease. Start your free trial today.

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Demo: Scale analytics and AI workloads with IBM

IBM is a fit-for-purpose data store, built on an open lakehouse architecture that enables you to scale AI workloads, for all your data, anywhere. You can get started in minutes, easily…

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Scale and accelerate the impact of AI with trusted data

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, a remarkable door to new opportunities has swung open, courtesy of AI. Astonishingly, a whopping 64% of businesses have embraced the conviction that…

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The State of Salesforce 2023–24: Teaser video

Read The State of Salesforce 2023-24 at

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Achieving Business Outcomes with Generative AI

Take your hybrid cloud journey to the next level with generative AI

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このデモ・ビデオでは、生成AIとフェイス・ボットにより人間と会話しているようなリアルな顧客体験をご覧いただきます。ユーザーからの質問を音声で受け付け、その質問を使ってWatson Discoveryで取り込んだ文章を検索し、検索結果から生成AIであるNeuralSeekという製品で回答を自動生成し、ユーザーインターフェイスのアバターをWatson…

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Technologies innovantes : le défi de l’adoption

Les nouvelles technologies ont un impact indéniable sur les entreprises et peuvent être à l’origine de profondes transformations. Comment mettre l’intelligence…

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Generative AI For Business

Explore IBM’s new data and AI platform for generative AI and learn about breakthroughs that IBM Research is bringing this platform

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Watch the demo to see how can help transform dense text into your personalized executive overview, capturing key points from financial reports, meeting transcriptions and more. Learn more…

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See how you can discover, augment, refine and visualize and metadata through the power of models. Learn more at or try…

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Watson Assistant - Accelerated Authoring

Get a preview of accelerated authoring capabilities in Watson Assistant. The demonstration shows how users can accelerate the process for building conversational flows using generative AI…

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