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IBM Consulting Advantage for Value Tree Creation

Ghillian Bell, IBM iX senior consultant, shares how she uses IBM Consulting Advantage to transform her workflow, streamlining daily tasks like value tree creation, and unlocking new levels of…

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IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Enterprise Java Applications

Explore how IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Enterprise Java Applications leverages generative AI and automation to help developers increase their productivity and agility throughout the application…

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IBM Consulting Advantage for Finance: Collection query assistant

The Collection Query Assistant – part of the IBM Consulting Advantage for finance platform – leverages Generative AI to improve how cash collectors gather insights, generate response…

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KT's Video for Generative AI Book

Promotional video for Generative AI Book

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How to Build AI Systems you can Trust

The potential for generative AI is enormous, but it's not without risk. Brianne Zavala walks through five ways you can build trusted AI systems so your organization can minimize the legal,…

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Infusing AI into mission critical workloads with PowerVS and

PowerVS provides a great environment for hosting Enterprise Mission Critical Applications and provides a premier environment for Generative AI. This demo illustrates how you can connect…

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Microsoft Copilot Runway

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AI on Power: IBM Power10 Entity Extraction (Demo)

IBM Power10 is a platform that enables users to manage ROI of generative AI solutions, including entity extraction use cases. See how you can automate simple tasks like analyzing documents or sales…

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IBM Consulting AIOps for Value Stream Management

Learn how IBM Consulting AIOps for Value Stream can correlate IT performance with business priorities.

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Take Procurement to the next level with watsonx Orchestrate

Transform your procurement processes with automation and generative AI from the IBM industry-leading assistant technology, watsonx Orchestrate, and with procurement insights powered by Dun &…

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AI Revolutionizing Banking: Exploring the Future of Finance

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various aspects of our world, including the banking industry. In this video, Jordan Worm delves into five key areas where AI is…

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IBM Consulting Supply Chain Assistant: Forecast planning

IBM Consulting Supply Chain Assistant is a generative AI solution that compliments your integrated business planning software to accelerate workflows and foster agility. Watch the demo to see how…

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Watch the demo to see how gives you the power to access and unify data across disparate data sources, to store data for AI models and applications, and to store vectorized embeddings for…

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A new era in Direct Store Delivery AI-Powered Solutions for Seamless Business Process and Profitable Portfolio

Join IBM Consulting and SAP for a short 30-minute demonstration of how you can transform the landscape of direct store delivery (DSD) business processes and product portfolio management within the…

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Reimagine Supply Chain Ops with Generative AI to Unlock New Operational Efficiencies

Gain valuable insights into leveraging AI and machine learning to empower your supply chain workforce, enabling proactive and predictive operational strategies.

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Intelligent Marketing Transformation Lightboard Video

Video explaining IBM's three step generative AI solution for marketing: the branded foundation model, the marketer's workbench and the connectors that tie them together.

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