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IBM Intelligent Invoice Match & Verification for SAP Solutions

Optimizes the invoice matching and verification process and reduces contract leakage. This solution integrates workflows, providing a more seamless user experience with significant reduction in…

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Client story with Citi's Marc Sabino

Marc Sabino, Chief Auditor at Citi, speaks with Arvind Krishna about how Citi transformed their internal auditing processes with OpenPages, incorporated AI governance to their AI strategy, and look…

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) on IBM Cloud for Financial Services

IBM and Adobe have expanded their partnership to solve one of the biggest problems of marketing to customers in regulated industries, a sector previously hindered by strict data and privacy…

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Managing Unprecedented Workloads in 2020's Market Volatility

Global fintech FNZ share how they are modernising core business applications with Business Partner CSI and IBM Power Virtual Server

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VMware and your regulated workloads on the Cloud

Hear how VMware extends its value on IBM Cloud for Financial Services and enables modernization and migration of key applications whilst maintaining the security and compliance you expect.

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UBank: IBM Watson으로 주택담보대출 신청 확률 향상

UBank는 머신러닝과 AI를 통해 RoboChat의 대화 속도를 높여 5만 건 이상의 고객 질문에 응답하게 했고, 주택담보대출 신청 확률을 15%나 향상시켰습니다. UBank는 더 똑똑한 AI를 지향했으며, AI를 활용해 직원들이 더 복잡한 일을 처리하도록 지원하고 있습니다.

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Graph Database Analytics with IBM Db2

See how graph database analytics in Db2 eliminates ETL, surfaces relationships between disparate data points, speeds queries, and interoperates with machine learning. Dive deeper into what…

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IT Solutions Provider utilizes IBM MQ and IBM App Connect

The customer uses IBM MQ and IBM App Connect as the infrastructure to ensure their applications, databases and servers are kept in synchronization. “Our focus is faster service, high efficiency…

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The Bank of New York Mellon uses IBM MQ as the backbone for their banking system

Bank New York Mellon uses IBM MQ to ensure that their banking system can run smoothly. MQ takes care of the copious amounts of highly-sensitive data and ensures that it is delivered every time.…

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UBS: offers fast, simple and secure trade transactions based on IBM Blockchain

UBS wanted to provide its clients with a digital solution that was secure, transparent and less cumbersome to conduct trade. They partnered with a group of European banks to create, a…

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Datastage: Basics: ETL - Extract Transform Load

In this video we will discuss Datastage: Basics: ETL - Extract Transform Load

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