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Supercharge Code Generation with IBM watsonx Code Assistant

IBM watsonx Code Assistant is a generative AI service built for specific use cases in mind to accelerate code generation. Learn about the first use case of IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat…

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Revolutionize Your Interview Process with AI

Discover how watsonx Orchestrate helps recruiters infuse humanity into the interview process, create lasting impressions, and fostering meaningful connections between candidates and hiring managers.

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Let’s create more time for your business with watsonx Orchestrate

The one thing we can’t get more of is time. Or…can we? This is watsonx Orchestrate: AI designed to multiply productivity by automating tasks. Learn more about IBM watsonx Orchestrate…

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Win the Talent War: Faster Offers and Smarter Hires

Looking to speed up the job offer process? IBM Watsonx Orchestrate can help recruiters save time and make informed decisions with its salary insights and automated offer creation. Additionally,…

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Recruitment Made Easier: How AI Enhances Requisition Discovery

Need assistance with simplifying the job requisition process and overseeing requisition discovery? With IBM watsonx Orchestrate, you can easily navigate and stay connected to the entire process,…

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Accelerate and Optimize Talent Acquisition with watsonx Orchestrate

The endless chase of coordinating with candidates and managers and remembering what’s pending on every requisition can now be a thing of the past. In a laborious recruitment process with many…

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Why a data lakehouse architecture?

While organizations are modernizing their data infrastructures to reduce costs and put data to work for analytics and AI, how are they choosing the right architecture? Watch the video to learn how…

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Clear the Way for Screening Job Candidates with IBM watsonx Orchestrate

IBM watsonx Orchestrate speeds up screening and streamlines the recruitment process, allowing recruiters to focus on finding the best fit for your organization.

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Automate to better discover and engage a skilled and diverse workforce

IBM watsonx Orchestrate's skills simplify processes, automate tasks, and assist in recruiting by finding suitable candidates and streamlining connections. It integrates with ThisWay Global to…

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Reinventing Job Posting: Simplify the Process with AI and watsonx Orchestrate

IBM watsonx Orchestrate simplifies the job posting process by suggesting the best platforms for advertising, tracking success rates, and drafting job postings. Learn how it can help reduce the…

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Demo: Generative AI and machine learning with IBM

With IBM, you can train, validate, tune and deploy generative AI, foundation models and machine learning (ML) capabilities with ease. Start your free trial today.

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Demo: Scale analytics and AI workloads with IBM

IBM is a fit-for-purpose data store, built on an open lakehouse architecture that enables you to scale AI workloads, for all your data, anywhere. You can get started in minutes, easily…

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From Chase to Dream: Hiring Follow-ups Made Effortless with watsonx Orchestrate

Discover how IBM watsonx Orchestrate streamlines administrative tasks for recruiters, allowing them to prioritize providing top-notch candidate experiences.

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Scale and accelerate the impact of AI with trusted data

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, a remarkable door to new opportunities has swung open, courtesy of AI. Astonishingly, a whopping 64% of businesses have embraced the conviction that…

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Let’s create the right AI for your business with watsonx

There’s AI, then there’s the right AI for your business. Introducing watsonx: a platform designed to multiply output by tailoring AI to your needs. Learn more at…

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Let’s create AI that transforms business with watsonx

People are excited about what AI will do for them. We’re excited about what AI will do for business. Introducing watsonx: a platform designed to multiply output by tailoring AI to your needs.…

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