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Hybrid Cloud Mesh Think - Resiliency

In this demo, see how IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh is designed to streamline application management in hybrid cloud environments, and enables application and infrastructure teams to add redundancy and…

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Demo: lowering total cost of ownership with Hybrid Cloud Mesh

In this demo, see how IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh empowers application and infrastructure teams to streamline the management of applications in hybrid cloud environments.

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Think 2024 - Hybrid Cloud

Think 2024 - Hybrid Cloud film

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IBM Test Accelerator for Z

IBM Test Accelerator for Z is a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize testing on IBM Z®. This innovative tool expedites the shift-left approach, fostering smooth collaboration between…

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IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh: Simplify application deployments across multicloud infrastructures

IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh makes it simple to deploy applications where you need them – whether that is cloud or on-prem or a combination of the two. In this demo, we’ll show how you can…

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DevSecOps demo for unified workloads (z & non-z) on IBM Cloud

End-to-end demo of the unified DevSecOps solution created by the ALM Deployable Architecture on IBM Cloud. Join or contact the team at

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IBM Consulting AIOps for Incident Management

This demo video showcases how the IBM Consulting AIOps for Incident Management places an AI-powered assistant to work alongside your team to streamline your IT ticket resolution processes.

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IBM watsonx at the Masters

IBM works with the Masters to design, develop, and deliver the digital experiences found in the Masters app and website. This year, IBM Consulting is using generative AI models developed with IBM…

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The Masters digital platform

The Masters digital infrastructure runs workloads across multiple clouds from multiple vendors. This “hybrid by design” architecture—enabled by Red Hat OpenShift—increases…

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Navigating Composable ERP

Many organizations today have in place a monolithic environment where all the capabilities they use are in a single system. What works better is an environment where they can implement the right tool…

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Accelerated, Gen AI powered Mainframe App Modernization with IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z

Many of the top global enterprises and organizations run their mission critical workloads on IBM Z. Building off the recent announcement of IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z, clients can now…

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Harvey Mason jr., CEO of the Recording Academy

The Recording Academy and IBM are using generative AI from watsonx to instantly produce stories and insights about hundreds of GRAMMY-nominated artists. Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. talks…

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IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z brings Generative AI to Mainframe Application Modernization

Learn how IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z can accelerate AI-assisted mainframe application by:Speeding up code development and increasing developer productivity throughout the application…

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ICCT Today and Tomorrow: Desk Job

Define your tomorrow at the IBM Center for Cloud Training. Let cloud certifications help set you apart.

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IBM Virtual Dev and Test for z/OS Technical Overview

This video is a technical overview of IBM Virtual Dev and Test for z/OS. ZVDT provides a non-production, isolated IBM Z environment running on Linux on IBM Z or LinuxONE, on-premise. Users can build…

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Getting started with installation of ZVDT web tooling

This video deals with installation of IBM Virtual Dev and Test for z/OS web tooling and discusses what needs to be done on other systems to ensure everything works properly within the tool. It shows…

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