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AI Academy leadspace video

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Enquire: modernizing HR within the NHS

The strain on the NHS is at an all-time high. In aid of the government's Elective Recovery to reduce the backlog, we are implementing solutions like Enquire to help with automation and reduce…

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Comment la gestion optimisée des actifs participe aux objectifs de durabilité du Groupe Aéroports de la Côte d'Azur

Pour un aéroport d’envergure internationale, la performance ne se limite pas à proposer un grand nombre de destinations. Être performant, c’est être à la…

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Why foundation models are a paradigm shift for AI (teaser)

Foundation models are what will form the basis of generative AI for businesses. While machine learning has traditionally come about through supervised learning, a foundation model is a general…

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Unlocking the true potential of DaaS designed for regulated industries

Join experts from IBM Cloud & Dizzion as we explore the true potential of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and how it can help your organization improve operational efficiency, better performance and…

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IBM APAC Instana observability 4

In this video, we'll break down complex concepts into simple, digestible insights. You'll gain a deep understanding of how IBM Instana Observability.

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IBM APAC Instana observability 2

In this video, we'll break down complex concepts into simple, digestible insights. You'll gain a deep understanding of how IBM Instana Observability empowers your business with unparalleled…

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IBM APAC Instana observability 1

Discover the power of IBM Instana Observability in this enlightening explainer video! Join us on an informative journey as we delve into the world of real-time observability, unraveled by IBM…

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AI vs Machine Learning

What is really the difference between Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)? Are they actually the same thing? In this video, Jeff Crume explains the differences and relationship…

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Operator Collection SDK Tutorial_part_1

This tutorial demonstrates how to build a new operator collection that performs RACF user management against a z/OS environment. This operator will allow you to create a new user ID by creating…

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IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z product demonstration

See how watsonx Code Assistant for Z can help accelerate IBM Z application modernization To learn more, please visit the Code Assistant web page.

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Think Madrid 2023 - Claves para hacer su organización sostenible: de la promesa a la realidad

El pasado 12 de julio en Think Madrid 2023, Javier Roncero, Olga Blanco y Fernando de Pablo, Director General de la Oficina Digital del Ayuntamiento de Madrid, conversaron sobre las claves para hacer…

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The smarter way to serve customers: AI for customer service webinar

Generative AI is positively disrupting the world of customer service. The potential is reaching new heights yet companies are slow or hesitant to adopt. In this webinar, we will explore generative…

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IBM Security Qradar Log Insights Threat Hunting Demo

Cyber attacks are increasing in number, speed, and sophistication. QRadar Log Insights goes beyond traditional security by empowering analysts to actively hunt and investigate suspicious activities,…

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IBM Security QRadar SIEM Threat Hunting Demo

Threat hunting goes beyond traditional security measures by actively seeking out and investigating suspicious activities within an organization's network and systems. With IBM Security QRadar…

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Mark Squires, IBM Z Canada ; Presenting the IBM Z Skills Global Accelerator Program to your Clients (June 2023)

From the Field - Learn from Mark Squires, IBM Z Canada, how to include the Global zSkills Accelerator in your client presentations.

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