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IBM Technology Summit Barcelona: " El lado social de la tecnología en el deporte”

En #TechSummitBarcelona José Coronado, Director del TRAM Barcelona Open y jugador #12 del ranking nacional de tenis en silla de ruedas, junto con Jordi Puig, CEO y Co-fundador de Tridenia,…


AIOps on IBM zSystems: Automated Resolution

In this video we highlight a hybrid cloud scenario where IBM’s integrated zSystems AIOps portfolio can help you apply intelligent and self-correcting automation through the use of full-stack…

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IBM Z Anomaly Analytics v5.1.0.7 Topology Service

IBM Z Anomaly Analytics with Watson v1.5.0.7 has delivered a new topology feature which adds additional context to its existing anomaly detection capabilities to help IT Operators and Z Subject…

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Are digeys just chatbots?

Digeys can handle more complex tasks and utilize a working memory of past interactions.

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What is a digital employee?

Digital employees support how we accomplish work and interact with our applications.

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What are digeys good at?

Digeys do the busy work in the tools you already use, so you can focus on the important stuff.

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Watson Assistant: Conversational AI made simple

The new Watson Assistant is here. Now, it’s easier than ever to build and launch a highly-intelligent, AI-powered virtual agent without needing a degree in computer science.

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Welcome to Watson Assistant

The new Watson Assistant is here. Follow along for a quick orientation covering the concepts and features you'll need to be familiar with to build an assistant with actions.

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What is a Digital Worker?

In this video, Leslie Chau explains just what digital workers (digeys) are, and how they can help you become more productive and focus on the work that matters most to you and your business.

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IBM Watson Care Manager Monthly Show and Tell (June 2022)

June 2022 Release Update: The list of BYOT (Bring Your Own Tooling) reporting views shown in the June 2022 Show & Tell video has been updated for the release. For the full list of BYOT reporting…

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IBM Cúram Social Program Management V8.0.2 deep dive: Caseworker productivity improvements

This deep dive discusses the new features delivered in V8.0.2 that improve caseworkers’ productivity. It also covers the technical foundation of the new features. Finally, the deep dive…

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IBM Z System Automation 4.3 – New Add-on Policies Part 1: Overview

This video introduces the new add-on policies added in IBM Z System Automation 4.3 for the components of z/OSFM, z/OS Container Extensions, and System Automation Operations REST Server. For more…

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IBM Z System Automation 4.3 – Immediate Completion Checking of Asynchronous Commands

This video introduces an IBM Z System Automation 4.3 enhancement: the ability of an immediate result check right after the termination of an asynchronous command that is routed from IBM Z Workload…

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IBM Z System Automation 4.3 – Job Log Monitoring Improvements

This video introduces the Job Log Monitoring capability enhancements that are delivered in IBM Z System Automation 4.3. For an overview of Job Log Monitoring, see Z System Automation documentation. …

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IBM Z System Automation 4.3 – System Automation Plug-in for Zowe CLI Overview and Installation

This video gives an overview and installation of System Automation Plug-in for Zowe CLI, which you can use to interact with Z System Automation from your preferred command line on Windows, Linux, or…

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IBM Z System Automation 4.3 – APG Model 2 Conversion

This video introduces how to convert certain MOVE and SERVER application groups from model 1 to model 2 in seconds by using the new CONVERT or CV command. For more information, see How to Convert an…

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