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IBM OpenPages IT Governance: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how to obtain a holistic view of IT risks and map them to business processes.

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IBM OpenPages Business Continuity Management: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how to prepare your enterprise for business continuity and protect employees in the face of disruptive events.

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Optimiser les opérations informatiques et la gestion des incidents avec IBM Cloud Pak pour Watson AIOps

Il s'agit d'une démonstration technique d'IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps. Cette vidéo fournit un aperçu de la façon dont la solution aborde le…

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Optimieren Sie IT-Betrieb und Incident Management mit IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

Dies ist eine technisch Demo für IBM Cloud Pak für Watson AIOPs. Das Video gibt einen Überblick darüber, wie die Lösung zur Behebung von Vorfällen eingesetzt werden…

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Ottimizza le operazioni IT e la gestione degli incidenti con IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

Questa è una demo tecnica per IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOPs. Il video fornisce una panoramica di come la soluzione affronti lo use case di risoluzione di un incidente. Parla con un esperto …

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Data makes the difference: Five strategies to support healthcare price transparency

Struggling to understand and meet the CMS Transparency in Coverage Rule in early 2022? Watch this practical session from 2021 AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum to learn about…

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IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how to automate the process of identifying, measuring, monitoring, analyzing, and managing operational risk.

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IBM Cloud Pak para Watson AIOps optimiza las operaciones de TI y la gestión de incidentes

En esta demo técnica, observe cómo la inteligencia artificial y la automatización ayudan a los gerentes de ITOps y los SRE a abordar los casos de uso clave en la gestión y…

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Collaborative incident remediation using IBM Z ChatOps and IBM Service Management Unite

The demo video shows how to use IBM Z ChatOps and IBM Service Management Unite in an end-to-end scenario going from DETECT (alert from OMEGAMON), DECIDE (problem isolation in IBM Service Management…

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IBM Cúram Social Program Management V8.0.1 deep dive: Caseworker and developer productivity improvements

This deep dive discusses the new features delivered in V8.0.1 that improve caseworkers’ productivity. It also covers the V8.0.1 features that enable developers to deliver a richer user…

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The current and future state of digital health credentials

Although digital health credentials aren't new, they rose quickly to international attention in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and have stayed in the news given recent vaccine mandates. Hear…

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How do you make wellness personal for 40 million people?

IBM is helping Anthem personalize healthcare management. With Watson Assistant, they can now provide their 40 million members with more personalized interactions, and it’s transforming Anthem…

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IBM and the RFU: 7 years of transformational technology

Deep-dive into IBM's strategic partnership with the RFU

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IBM OpenPages Data Privacy Management: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how OpenPages Data Privacy Management brings a compliance focus to data governance, helping organizations take a proactive approach to privacy reporting. To learn more…

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專家概觀:利用 IBM Watson NLP 進行成本節約與實現效益的網路研討會

直接聆聽第三方專家 Forrester 首席分析師 Mike Gualtieri 與 TEI 顧問 Sarah Musto 談論關於 IBM Watson Discovery 及 Natural Language Understanding 三年來如何創造出 383% 投資報酬率的分享。

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专家概述:利用 IBM Watson NLP 实现成本节约和效益网络研讨会

直接聆听第三方专家 Forrester 首席分析师 Mike Gualtieri 与 TEI 顾问 Sarah Musto 的对话,了解 IBM Watson Discovery 和 Natural Language Understanding 如何在三年内实现 383% 的投资收益率。

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