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Quantum machine learning explained

Quantum computers have the potential to solve certain classes of problems exponentially faster than any known classical techniques. In most cases, the theoretical proofs behind these speedups are…

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IBM Supplier Diversity 55 Years

IBM Global Supplier Diversity program’s 55th anniversary video.

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The shifting world of payments

Existing payments systems lack the strategic value banks need today; they need a modernized payments infrastructure that reduces friction by connecting traditional banks, payment operators, clearing…

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IBM: Let’s create AI that begins with trust with watsonx.governance (UK)

Before you use AI to transform business, you need to begin with trust. Introducing watsonx.governance. Helping you govern any AI as data, models, and policies change, so you can scale AI responsibly.…

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IBM: Let’s create customer service in service of customers with watsonx Assistant (UK)

Things will go wrong for your customers. But you can make it right with watsonx Assistant. AI that can help resolve problems by understanding your customer requests with 90% accuracy. #watsonx …

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IBM Hursley’s Carbon Neutrality Journey

Influencer Andy Davis, Director of DataX Connect speaks with Colin Holyoake, Datacentre Design & Sustainability Manager about the steps that IBM is taking to make the Hursley Developer Hyperscale…

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Enquire: modernizing HR within the NHS

The strain on the NHS is at an all-time high. In aid of the government's Elective Recovery to reduce the backlog, we are implementing solutions like Enquire to help with automation and reduce…

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Tracking and transparency with IBM watsonx.governance

IBM watsonx.governance is a one-stop automated toolkit built to govern both generative AI and machine learning (ML) models on the IBM watsonx platform. See how tracking and transparency works with…

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ThinkPad Product Introduction

IBM Archives: ThinkPad Product Introduction

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Introducing the Partner Marketing Kits on IBM My Digital Marketing

IBM Business Partners can now plan, execute, and measure effective marketing all in one place, at no cost. Introducing the Partner Marketing Kits on IBM My Digital Marketing. Explore today

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Introducing the IBM Partner Plus Awards

IBM Partner Plus Awards honor the team players who push us all forward. Those who work together to find new solutions to old problems, advancing businesses, reshaping industries, and making a…

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z/OS Connect Designer Tutorial: Introduction to the z/OS Connect Designer and how to download it.

An introduction to the z/OS Connect Designer tooling, with guidance on how to download the z/OS Connect Designer image. Featured commands/…

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Q&A Session - hear from the Panel

All our speakers answering the questions you wanted to ask.

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Making Waves: Sustainable Solutions for The Real World

Hear from IBMs Business Partner, Prolifics on how they are working with Clients and IBM solutions to address sustainable practices.

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Weather and Climate Impact on Sustainable Supply Chains.

Hear from Paul Smith, IBM Solutions Engineer at The Weather Company on how weather is impacting supply chains and that data behind it.

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Proven ways automating your business can address challenges around supply chain, digitisation & sustainability

Hear from Doug Coombs, Business Automation Specialist on how Automation is addressing the top 3 challenges organisations.

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