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An innovative approach to payments

The IBM Payments Center® helps deliver the latest digital payments innovation.

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A developer's approach to payment innovation

The IBM Payments Center® provides developers with a secure sandbox to experiment with payments service development, innovation and collaboration. The sandbox helps developers in test environments…

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IBM Client Engineering Explained

IBM Client Engineering Explained: What is Client Engineering? How does it all work? What is the art of the possible?

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An innovator’s guide for success

Arvind recently spoke with former IBMer and author Danny Sabbah about a new book he co-authored, “The Heart of Innovation: A Field Guide for Navigating to Authentic Demand.” In this…

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Harnessing Innovation with IBM and AI for Business at Credit Mutuel Alliance Federale

This short video features the Chairman of Credit Mutuel Alliance Federale, Nicolas Thery, speaking at the IBM THINK on Tour event in France on June 14, 2023 about the partnership with IBM and…

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Dario Gil Explaning IBM Embeddable AI Use Cases

IBM is excited about the adoption of IBM Embeddable AI by various partners who are developing innovative commercial solutions across customer care and multiple industries. Examples include digital…

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Dario Gil Explaining IBM Embeddable AI

Introducing IBM Embeddable AI, a flexible suite of enterprise-grade core AI technologies that can be easily integrated into solutions. The suite includes natural language processing, speech-to-text,…

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Dario Gil Introducing IBM Embeddable AI

Dario Gil emphasizes the potential of AI for ecosystem partners, highlighting IBM's aggressive AI roadmap and investments. IBM invites software companies to utilize IBM Embeddable AI for…

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Welcome to IBM Research Europe!

The IBM Innovation Studio and Think Lab Zurich is the door to IBM Research in Europe for IBM's clients and partners. Located in Switzerland, at the internationally recognized IBM Research…

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Zafin and IBM z16 are creating new value with every customer interaction

Zafin will leverage the strength of IBM z16 to provide real-time event-driven offerings that will deliver a paradigm shift in the customer experience for banks and their clients, now and into the…

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An Investment in Trust

In the current banking environment customers are putting more value on trust when deciding their banking partner. This goes beyond data security, it becomes personal. It’s impacting the way…

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A developer's approach to payment innovation

IPC provides a sandbox for payment service development experimentation, innovation and collaboration. within a secure environment. This gives developers the tools they need to accelerate the time…

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Cloud without Compromise -- BNP Paribas Client Reference

Cristophe Boulange, Head of IT Group Digital Solutions, BNP Paribas says he could speed up innovation while not compromising security and privacy by using IBM Cloud. Learn more:

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IBM Cloud Satellite - Inovação Digital para Serviços Financeiros

A LendMore pretende construir relacionamentos de longo prazo com os clientes, gerando múltiplas transações ao invés de apenas empréstimos individuais. Veja como o…

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IBM Cloud Satellite - Innovación digital para los servicios financieros

LendMore tiene la intención de construir relaciones a más largo plazo con los clientes, generando múltiples transacciones en lugar de solo préstamos individuales. Vea…

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How Vinturas is using blockchain in the car logistics supply chain

From paper to digital in the automotive industry. Do you know the journey your car traveled from factory to dealer? By implementing IBM’s blockchain technology, Vinturas designed a solution…

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