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A developer's approach to payment innovation

IPC provides a sandbox for payment service development experimentation, innovation and collaboration. within a secure environment. This gives developers the tools they need to accelerate the time…

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Liderazgo tecnológico e innovación

Mikel Díez, Director de Innovación, IBM España habla de la estrategia de IBM, de liderazgo tecnológico e Innovación y de la importancia de la…

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Cloud without Compromise -- BNP Paribas Client Reference

Cristophe Boulange, Head of IT Group Digital Solutions, BNP Paribas says he could speed up innovation while not compromising security and privacy by using IBM Cloud. Learn more:

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IBM Cloud Satellite - Inovação Digital para Serviços Financeiros

A LendMore pretende construir relacionamentos de longo prazo com os clientes, gerando múltiplas transações ao invés de apenas empréstimos individuais. Veja como o…

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IBM Cloud Satellite - Innovación digital para los servicios financieros

LendMore tiene la intención de construir relaciones a más largo plazo con los clientes, generando múltiples transacciones en lugar de solo préstamos individuales. Vea…

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Discover 2 Love Podcast - with IBM and The Marketing Society.

Tracey Gilbert, IBM Executive for Customer Transformation and Sophie Devonshire, CEO of The Marketing Society discuss the latest trends in Customer Experience.

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How Vinturas is using blockchain in the car logistics supply chain

From paper to digital in the automotive industry. Do you know the journey your car traveled from factory to dealer? By implementing IBM’s blockchain technology, Vinturas designed a solution…

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This is IBM Benelux

Discover the impact IBM has on everyone, everyday. This is the world we are helping to build.

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Automação e o Futuro do Trabalho em Pearson

Pearson está adotando a automação tanto na experiência do cliente como nas suas operações internas para fazer seus processos mais eficientes e liberar tempo…

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Automatización y el Futuro del Trabajo en Pearson

Pearson está adoptando la automatización tanto en la experiencia de usuario como en sus operaciones internas para hacer sus procesos más eficientes y liberar tiempo para…

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Pushing the limits of autonomous navigation with AI and Automation

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship is a first-of-its-kind autonomous ship using IBM intelligent automation, operational decision-making, edge computing, and AI-powered remote monitoring technologies that…

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Open Finance: El futuro de los servicios financieros

Nuevos productos, servicios, modelos de negocio surgen alrededor de Open Banking: una nueva era de innovación en la industria financiera.

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IBM Garage 解說影片

IBM Garage 動畫解說視頻: 在 70 秒內揭開 IBM Garage 的神秘面紗。

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Начало работы с IBM Garage

Ознакомительные сессии IBM Garage — это отличный способ наладить партнерские отношения с экспертами IBM и приступить к решению конкретных бизнес-задач или технологических проблем, или ускорить…

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Audi UK+IBM: よりスマートな顧客体験を

Audi UKがIBMと協業し、どのようにデジタル・トランスフォーメーションを進め、イノベーションを実現したかをご覧ください。AudiとIBMの共同チームは、アジャイルでユーザー重視のIBM® Garage™メソドロジーに従い、IBM iX®と連携して、ユーザー・エクスペリエンスを向上させる顧客中心に向けた変革のための戦略的ロードマップを共同で作成しました。

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What are IBM Cloud Paks?

IBM believes that a cloud strategy is key to digital transformation. And that AI can accelerate innovation and drive transformation. IBM Cloud Paks bring you the best of IBM's software…

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