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Adjusting price and managing payments

Learn how to help customers with the price adjustments and payments for their orders by using the IBM Sterling Call Center (next-generation) application.

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Operationalizing CX personalization

Pierre Charchaflian, Vice President and Senior Partner in IBM Consulting, discusses how to best operationalize personalization of customer experience across an organization, at scale. For more, read…

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Intelligent CX transformation with IBM and Adobe

The modern consumer expects personalization across the customer lifecycle. It is a brand's responsibility to line up with ever-evolving expectations and serve the right experience at the right…

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Constellation Research Video: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Mass Personalization

Context, choices, and anticipatory analytics, power the ability to deliver mass personalizations at scale. Learn how RPA can be used to deliver any AI driven smart service. Learn more about IBM…

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