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IBM x SAP 長期パートナーシップにおける今後の展望

IBMとSAPの50年に及ぶパートナーシップを活かし、今日の課題、明日の機会や脅威に対し、クラウドを活用して変革できるよう取り組んでいます。また、エコシステムの重要性はかつてなく高まっています。IBMとSAPが共創することの価値についてご紹介します。 IBM Cloud のSAPソリューション

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利用 AIOps 确保您的应用性能

要在当今的数字化市场取得成功,确保应用性能至关重要。您需要恰当的 AIOps 策略来取得成功,IBM 能随时帮助您实现更快速的决策、更智能的资源部署和预测性 AIOps。 阅读智慧报告:

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IBM QRadar SOAR Playbook Designer - Red Dot Design Award 2022

We are proud to announce that IBM Security QRadar SOAR, Playbook Designer has won the Red Dot Design Award in the Interface & User Experience Design category! With roughly…

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IBM Security Verify Demo

This demo shows Verify's core capabilities, including progressive profiling, adaptive access, single sign-on, and multifactor authentication

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IBM i QMGTOOLS: How to Upload Data with a Transfer ID

Anonymous uploads to ECuRep are no longer allowed. This video demonstrates how to generate and use a Transfer ID to upload data to IBM ECuRep using QMGTOOLS. The key steps to this process are:…

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Product Demo: IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson

Modern-day companies with remote workforce struggle to manage and protect their distributed devices. IBM MaaS360 can help manage these devices, monitor them for malicious…

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IBM Z NetView Plug-ins for Zowe CLI Demo

IBM Z NetView®, a core component of IBM Z Service Management Suite and IBM Z Service Automation Suite, provides automation and network and systems management to address users' requirements…

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Cloud Native Apps for Java

Drive agility and flexibility by becoming cloud native and exploit the full potential of the Cloud. Your java apps need to become cloud native to take advantage of the cloud, so…

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IBM Security X-Force contre les ransomwares

Découvrez l'impact de la recrudescence actuelle des attaques par ransomware sur les entreprises et les bonnes pratiques fournies par les services d’IBM Security X-Force qui vous…

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IBM Security X-Force for Ransomware

Scopri come l’attuale aumento degli attacchi ransomware colpisca le aziende e le best practice dei servizi IBM Security X-Force per vincere tali sfide.

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IBM Security X-Force für Ransomware

Erfahren Sie, wie sich die aktuelle Zunahme von Ransomware-Angriffen auf das Geschäft auswirkt, und stellen Sie Best Practices für IBM Security X-Force Services bereit, die zur…

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IBM Security X-Force para ransomware

Conozca cómo el actual aumento de los ataques de ransomware está afectando a las empresas y aprenda las mejores prácticas de los servicios de IBM Security X-Force para afrontar…

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MaaS360 인터랙티브 제품 투어 - 워크플레이스 페르소나 정책

사용자, 그룹, 작업 공간 별로 기업 앱, 콘텐츠, 데이터에 대한 보안 액세스를 제공해 모바일 생산성을 극대화하세요.무료 평가판 신청 :

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Presentazione interattiva del prodotto MaaS360 - Modern Management

Utilizza le più avanzate tecnologie di aggiornamento basato su API per monitorare e analizzare le release specifiche per dispositivo, e applicare la patch in tutte le piattaforme.

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Visita guiada interactiva del producto MaaS360: gestión moderna

Use lo último en métodos de actualización basados en API para supervisar y analizar versiones para dispositivos específicos y aplicar parches en todas las plataformas.

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Présentation interactive du produit MaaS360 - Modern Management

Utilisez les dernières méthodologies de mise à jour basées sur les API pour surveiller et analyser les publications relatives à des appareils spécifiques et…

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