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Demonstração do IBM Maximo Mobile

O IBM Maximo Mobile, construído com tecnologia móvel de última geração, é uma plataforma fácil de implementar que fornece aos técnicos dados…

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Demo di IBM Maximo Mobile

IBM Maximo Mobile, basato su tecnologia mobile di nuova generazione, è una piattaforma, semplice da utilizzare, che fornisce ai tecnici i dati operativi dell'asset al momento giusto…

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Demostración de IBM Maximo Mobile

IBM Maximo Mobile, basado en tecnología móvil de próxima generación, es una plataforma fácil de desplegar que proporciona a los técnicos los datos operativos…

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Automating License Compliance and Resource Optimization

Check out this demo to see how new technology integrations developed by IBM and Flexera provide real-time visibility to manage risk in IT environments, assure performance and optimize IT asset…

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Demo do IBM Maximo Application Suite

É hora de repensar como sua organização gerencia ativos com o IBM Maximo Application Suite. Em uma só plataforma, você encontrará os melhores recursos de…

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Demo zu IBM Maximo Mobile

Mit IBM Maximo Mobile, das auf Mobiltechnologie der nächsten Generation basiert, verfügen Techniker über eine einfach zu implementierende Plattform, die ihnen die richtigen Daten zum…

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From manufacturer to service provider

Replay of 9th June, 2021 Maximo Exchange french session "From manufacturer to service provider".

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La Maintenance 4.0 vers un monde sans panne

Replay of 9th June, 2021 Maximo Exchange french session "La Maintenance 4.0 vers un monde sans panne".

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Vers le zéro defaut, l'inspection visuelle automatisée grâce à l'IA

Replay of 9th June, 2021 Maximo Exchange french session "Vers le zéro defaut, l'inspection visuelle automatisée grâce à l'IA".

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Améliorer l'efficacité & la sécurité du technicien

Replay of 9th June, 2021 Maximo Exchange french session "Améliorer l'efficacité & la sécurité du technician".

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How unlocking the value of data can optimize nuclear power generation

A nuclear power utility in Canada gains capabilities to improve the reliability, efficiency and safety of its operations when it engages IBM to replace a heritage system with the IBM Maximo for…

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IBM Maximo 設備保全管理のデモ  

高度な分析とAIを使用して、パフォーマンスを最適化し、資産ライフサイクルを拡張し、設備・機器の停止時間と運用コストを削減することで、価値の高い設備・機器を運用および保全します。設備データをAIによって分析して洞察を提供し、企業がより的確な意思決定を行い、効率を高め、予防保守を実行し、物理資産への投資最大化を支援します。IBM …

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IBM Series - Industrie du Futur

Episode 1, act 1 of IBM Series digital event. Topics : industry, maintenance and technician 4.0

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How to turn your IoT data into valuable insights and transform the efficiency of your manufacturing operations

Find out how you can utilise existing data collected over SCADA and PLCs to make assessments and even predictions about the health of your assets in real-time.

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화장품 회사 로레알이 IBM과 함께 만들어낸 Industry 4.0 변신

화장품 회사 로레알이 제조공장에 IOT를 적용하여 인더스트리 4.0을 위한 디지털 전환을 수행한 방법을 알아봅니다. IBM의 디자인 사고(Design Thinking) 방법론이 어떻게 고객의 비즈니스 모델을 변화시킬 수 있는지 확인하시기 바랍니다.

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Delivering Citizen-Centric Energy and Utility Operations with IBM Maximo

Municipal utilities face numerous challenges in delivering non-stop utility services to their constituents. How do the leaders drive citizen-centric operations while addressing shrinking budgets,…

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