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Demo zu IBM Maximo Mobile

Mit IBM Maximo Mobile, das auf Mobiltechnologie der nächsten Generation basiert, verfügen Techniker über eine einfach zu implementierende Plattform, die ihnen die richtigen Daten zum…

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IBM Maximo Mobile 演示

随时随地管理任何资产,管理现场工作人员越来越复杂并且成本越来越高,您可能难以进行远程资产维护,迁移系统知识以及不断变化的资源与工作负载,幸运的是,您现在可以使用 Maximo Mobile,并利用 AI 和 A/R 技术为现场工作人员赋能。

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IBM Maximo 企业资产管理演示

了解 IBM Maximo 如何帮助您的组织在整个企业中运营具有可见性和控制性的高价值实物资产,以优化绩效、延长资产生命周期以及降低运营停机时间和成本。无论您是设施经理、维护技术员还是可靠性工程师,您都可以利用基于角色的工作空间来帮助您的企业专注于关键任务和数据。您还可以利用 Maximo…

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演示:IBM Maximo MRO 库存优化

IBM Maximo MRO Inventory Optimization 通过提供准确、详细的性能信息,帮助优化维护和运营 (MRO) 库存。

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IBM Maximo Application Suite Demo

It’s time to rethink how your organization manages assets with IBM Maximo Application Suite. In one platform, you’ll find best-in-class capabilities for enterprise asset management with…

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IDC: Laying the Foundation for Autonomous Operation Through Asset Management

Discover why autonomous operations of the future will need to combine the zettabytes of real-time asset data plus digital twin information to diagnose and repair problems and optimize operations.…

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IDC: Mobility to fill the digital gaps

Even in the most connected operations, 20 - 30% of assets, sensors, and critical processes aren’t connected, leaving digital blindspots. But with IoT, ubiquitous connectivity, cloud…

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IDC: Going the last mile for asset management with mobile

Today’s asset management relies on mobility. From data to demographics, that connection to knowledge and support is more than just a mobile device with an app. It’s connecting the point…

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Samsung + IBM for a safer retail experience

When the pandemic changed the retail environment, electronics giant Samsung partnered with IBM to combine the Galaxy watch with IBM Maximo Safety. Together, they delivered a safer retail experience…

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Think 2021: Building smart manufacturing operations powered by advanced technologies

Today's manufacturers often lack a next-gen tech platform that bridges the IT/OT gap, and that learns and scales to monitor, manage and maintain processes and assets. Learn how industry leaders…

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IBM Maximo Mobile

Introducing Maximo Mobile. See how to completely transform how field technicians get the job done with a mobile solution. Even in the most remote locations, technicians armed with Maximo Mobile can…

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How unlocking the value of data can optimize nuclear power generation

A nuclear power utility in Canada gains capabilities to improve the reliability, efficiency and safety of its operations when it engages IBM to replace a heritage system with the IBM Maximo for…

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Manage the chaos with IBM Maximo Application Suite

Life is full of challenges. But there’s no room for chaos in your operations. To build a stronger, more sustainable, and productive organization, consider IBM Maximo Application Suite.…

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IBM Maximo 設備保全管理のデモ  

高度な分析とAIを使用して、パフォーマンスを最適化し、資産ライフサイクルを拡張し、設備・機器の停止時間と運用コストを削減することで、価値の高い設備・機器を運用および保全します。設備データをAIによって分析して洞察を提供し、企業がより的確な意思決定を行い、効率を高め、予防保守を実行し、物理資産への投資最大化を支援します。IBM …

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IBM Maximo Visual Inspection

See how an AI-powered computer vision solution can improve quality inspection, making it easy for subject matter experts to label, train, and deploy deep learning vision models without coding or deep…

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Novate Solutions customer story

Novate Solutions share their experience on leveraging the AI in Maximo Monitor to develop a revolutionary approach to help their own clients improve process reliability. Schedule a consultation.

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