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TRIRIGA Application Suite Overview Updated

Overview of TRIRIGA Application Suite

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Outfront Media & TRIRIGA

Learn how IBM TRIRIGA has helped Outfront Media comply with new accounting standards and transform their once paper and manual processes into a seamless digital experience. Learn more about how…

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TRIRIGA Space Planning/Management

View how easy it is to plan and manage your office space to optimize productivity and occupancy:

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IBM Asset Management: Profit with purpose

Learn more on combining profit with purpose:

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Driving Sustainability for Facilities with TRIRIGA

Watch this 60-minute webinar to understand how you can drive sustainable operations across the entire real estate lifecycle with IBM TRIRIGA

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TRIRIGA Application Suite Overview

In this overview, you'll learn how TRIRIGA Application Suite can help you improve operational efficiency and workplace experience. From indoor wayfinding, to room reservations, TAS provides…

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Audiogram: UMinn 1

In this Audiogram, you'll hear from the University of Minnesota about their ability to deploy new on-campus safety measures during the height of the pandemic.

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Audiogram: Beau Ryck, ArcGIS

This audiogram comes from THINK 2021 where Beau Ryck from ArcGIS discusses the benefits of indoor mapping as provided with IBM TRIRIGA for facilities management.

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Audiogram: University of Minnesota 2

In this THINK Audiogram, Gabe Garlet from the University of Minnesota discusses their use of TRIRIGA to navigate campus operations during the pandemic.

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Audiogram: Cisco CNA Spaces

With the use of Cisco DNA spaces within the TRIRIGA app, customers can get real time location data to help make decisions quickly and effectively.

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Portrait: Sandra Corkern | Real Estate Technology & Innovation EY

How has EY, one of the largest professional services firms in the world, kept costs flat for the last 10 years while doubling its workforce? With technology, IBM TRIRIGA, and a sharp focus on…

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Achieving operational efficiency with IBM TRIRIGA

Jennifer Wickwire from Teradyne talks about the optimization and utilization efficiencies they achieved at Teradyne with IBM TRIRIGA.

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