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Cloud without Compromise Event Video- Workfusion and IBM Cloud

Kyle Hoback, Director of Intelligent Automation at WorkFusion, uses IBM Cloud and the Workfusion AI-driven intelligent automation platform to help companies (especially those in regulated industries)…

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The next chapter in intelligent automation

Automation is not new. It has been an integral component to work and augment jobs since the dawn of the industrial era. Join Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO AI Automation as he explains the…

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Session 1477 - How IBM and Adobe are driving transformation and ROI with intelligent content

Think session for mediacenter Session 1477 - How IBM and Adobe are driving transformation and ROI with intelligent content

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Think2021: Session #2302 Empowering a resilient sustainable future

Sustainability is a business imperative. Climate change, dwindling natural resources, and other hazards are disrupting business in unexpected ways, compelling organizations to transform the way they…

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IBM Support Insights - Intelligent Networking Support (INS) Demo

Intelligent Networking Support (INS) discovers your network devices, collects and analyzes data to help strengthen network security and stability. The QuikDemo is narrated by Rob Coventry,…

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Thought Leadership in AI & Automation - Use Cases & Getting Started

A video interview with experts from IDG UK, Natwest Retail Banking, IDC, and IBM talking about trends and use cases for AI & Automation.

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Access all of your data no matter where it is: IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

Ensure high quality data and track how data moves through a company with an intelligent data catalog. Get an overview of Watson Knowledge Catalog with a demo of the user interface. Request the trial…

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Intelligence Artificielle : Comment garantir la confiance

Témoignage du Crédit Mutuel -Sens, Confiance, Transparence : remettre l’humain au coeur de son métier grâce à l’IA

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Apertura talento SB Exchange

Tina Marron-Partridge, Managing Partner, IBM Talent & Transformation, y Susan Kay, Programme Director de Compass Group, sobre por qué la humanidad se encuentra en el inicio de este viaje…

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AI for Digital Automation - témoignages de STET et d'IBM

AI for Digital Automation : l'IA au coeur des processus métier pour améliorer la performance opérationnelle des entreprises. Témoignages de Stet et d'IBM.

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Spotlight on: How are businesses adapting to new ways of working?

Leading businesses are accelerating their digital transformation efforts now, and IBM has developed an approach to advance our clients. In this video, learn about the 3 key elements of this approach:…

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Talent Strategies: Emerging Smarter with Intelligent Workflows and Humanity

Junte-se a nós enquanto discutimos as ações que podemos realizar agora como indivíduos, como líderes e como organizações para criar um negócio…

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IBM intelligent industry cloud for industrial manufacturing with SAP

In collaboration with SAP, IBM is delivering intelligent workflows built on SAP’s intelligent suite with industry cloud solutions. The workflows cover the entire industrial manufacturing value…

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Talent Keynote SB Exchange

Тина Мэррон-Партридж, управляющий партнер IBM, управление персоналом и трансформация, и Сьюзен Кей, руководитель программы в Compass Group, объясняют, почему отправной точкой для успешного выживания…

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Talent Strategies: Emerging Smarter with Intelligent Workflows and Humanity LA - CO-ES

15 minutes duration

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IBM QRadar - 지능형 SIEM

매일 사이버 침입자가 귀하의 네트워크를 공격합니다. 적절한 툴을 사용하지 않을 경우 8개월에 걸쳐 원인을 분석해야 합니다. IBM qradar Security Intelligence 플랫폼은 공격 주기 초기에 위협을 자동으로 식별하고 분석하도록 설계되어 대응에 필요한 시간을 제공합니다. 고급 분석 및 머신 러닝 기능을 통해 다양한 환경에서 로그와 플로…

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