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Automation and the path to data led innovation

The numbers are in. Discover why 90% of executives say that Intelligent Automation creates higher-value work for their employees.

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Disrupting Disruption with Intelligent Workflows

The numbers are in. Learn why 79% of executives scaling Intelligent Automation expect to outperform their competition in revenue growth.

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IBM Turbonomic + Kubernetes

Balancing application performance and cost is hard. Learn how to get the most value from your Kubernetes platform with IBM Turbonomic.Request a demo!

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IBM Turbonomic + Cloud

Learn how IBM Turbonomic helps organizations unlock cloud elasticity so applications can deliver continuous performance at the lowest cost.Request a demo!

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Let's rethink customer service

If you designed your customer service experience for a new company, what would you automate to make it better? Find out in this expert video.

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Let's rethink cloud operations

If designed your cloud operations for a new company, what would you automate to ensure application performance at the lowest cost? Find out.

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Cloud without Compromise Event Video- Workfusion and IBM Cloud

Kyle Hoback, Director of Intelligent Automation at WorkFusion, uses IBM Cloud and the Workfusion AI-driven intelligent automation platform to help companies (especially those in regulated industries)…

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The next chapter in intelligent automation

Automation is not new. It has been an integral component to work and augment jobs since the dawn of the industrial era. Join Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO AI Automation as he explains the…

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Thought Leadership in AI & Automation - Use Cases & Getting Started

A video interview with experts from IDG UK, Natwest Retail Banking, IDC, and IBM talking about trends and use cases for AI & Automation.

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Intelligence Artificielle : Comment garantir la confiance

Témoignage du Crédit Mutuel -Sens, Confiance, Transparence : remettre l’humain au coeur de son métier grâce à l’IA

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AI for Digital Automation - témoignages de STET et d'IBM

AI for Digital Automation : l'IA au coeur des processus métier pour améliorer la performance opérationnelle des entreprises. Témoignages de Stet et d'IBM.

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RPA - Invoice entry and reception

Invoice processing is possibly one of the oldest business processes known to mankind. From barter to bitcoin, payments have come a long way. However, despite all the innovations and technology,…

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Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP)

This is a demonstration of our abilities regarding the Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP), and how IAP can help clients.


Asan Medical Center - IBM Services 를 통해 고객 서비스 및 운영 효율성 향상

고객 서비스를 향상시키고 효율성을 높이기 위해 Asan Medical Center (AMC)는 IBM 서비스와 협력하여 IBM Garage ™ 방법론을 사용하여 지능형 자동화를 통해 병상 할당 작업 및 입원 환자 예약을 자동화했습니다. 더 읽어보기: 아산의료원은 지능형 자동화를 통해 최대 20분까지…

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Asan Medical Center embarks on a digital transformation journey with IBM Services

With a vison to become a Smart Hospital, Asan Medical Center (AMC) was seeking to improve customer service and operational efficiency through technology. AMC collaborated with IBM Services to…

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Asan Medical Center collaborates with IBM Services to improve customer service and efficiency

Seeking to enhance customer service and drive efficiency, Asan Medical Center (AMC) collaborated with IBM Services to automate the bed allocation task and inpatient reservation through intelligent…

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