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The Smarter Hospital: PART 2

How do we accelerate the shift to the smarter hospital, and what can we learn from other industries? Listen to Mark Davies, Chief Medical Officer of IBM in Europe, Middle East and Africa, in…

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The Smarter Hospital: PART 1

What do we mean by “Smarter Hospital”, and what could it mean for the wider health system, the people in it, and health outcomes? Listen to Mark Davies, Chief Medical Officer of IBM in…

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Let’s shape the future of care together

Discover what can happen when the NHS, science and industry come together to solve health and care challenges. Together with healthcare providers, we’re working to better understand…

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Think 2021: Made in Canada Innovation - A wayfinder for mental health. Eastern Health + EVA 

Across Newfoundland, AI and virtual agents lead First Responders to find the help they need when they need it most.

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Las claves del Data Fabric. Víctor Carralero con Enrique Ruiz, CTO Grupo Laberit

Víctor Carralero conversa con Enrique Ruiz sobre los detalles, retos y beneficios de la implatación de proyectos en los que los datos han permitido acelerar la …

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Tech for good: can automation be applied for the benefit of all?

Join leading public sector figures as they discuss how automating processes with IBM has improved reach, public trust and ultimately enhanced the citizen experience

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Filtering the facts from the fiction: how AI, cloud and open source can drive innovation and value for business and the world

How can organisations collaborate, embrace leading-edge technology, share data swiftly, securely and safely - to drive innovation and value for their organisations - and for the world?

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Facing the Unknown… The Need to Adapt, Accelerate and Amplify

Watch how Health Service Executive (HSE) rose to a challenge of extreme urgency at speed and scale, and find out how to benefit from their experience.

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Public health: open source technology to scale data workloads

Public health is a data-driven function, and the amount of data is constantly expanding. Learn how open, hybrid cloud technologies can help scale workloads efficiently, and facilitate…

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Security health check: how UK organisations are building trust and resiliency during a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has created new challenges for organisations as they adapt to an operating model in which working from home and delivering virtual services have become the ‘new…

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What if we could make care pathways smarter?

Find out how applying artificial intelligence to care pathways can provide healthcare professionals and executives with data-driven insights, at the very point in the patient’s journey where…

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Can intelligent workflows address healthcare waiting lists?

Hear how clinicians are seeking to use data and AI solutions to help them measure and monitor for pathway process inefficiencies and unwarranted variations.

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AdMed | PI Assistant

AdMed’s PI (Prescribing Information) Assistant powered by Watson AI turns complex medical documents into simple conversations. PI assistant helps pharmaceutical sales reps get fast, accurate…

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UMC Mainz deploys, manages, and governs regulated workloads with IBM Satellite

UMC Mainz had an urgent need to develop and deploy applications to support their Covid-19 vaccination program. With IBM Cloud Satellite, they developed and launched new cloud-native applications…

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NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit: Enabling secure access to NHS applications from anywhere

Hear how NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit partnered with IBM to provide remote workers with safe, fast and reliable access to systems, on their own devices, while shrinking…

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Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud is on the rise. Very similar to phishing attempts, BEC attacks may cause financial and reputational risks depending on how and what the cyber criminals are able…

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