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Siemens Gamesa + Azure + IBM Kundendienstbericht

Dieser Hyperscaler-Partnerschaftsbericht vermittelt, wie Siemens Gamesa mit dem IBM Kundendienst zusammenarbeitet, um die Markteinführungszeit von Windenergie zu verkürzen, indem die…

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Le cas d'utilisation de Siemens Gamesa + Azure + IBM Services

Cette histoire de partenariat hyperscale raconte comment Siemens Gamesa s'est associé à IBM Services pour réduire les délais de commercialisation de…

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IBM Intelligent Merchandise Planning for SAP® Retail

IBM Intelligent Merchandise Planning for SAP Retail provides a flexible and scalable solution that utilizes advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to handle huge quantities of data,…

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IBM iX Experience Orchestrator

Business leaders today face increasingly complex supply chain, customer care, and employee needs across every facet of their business. Design a modern approach to streamline end-to-end commerce…

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Tim Wetzel, AmerisourceBergen, audiogram

Digital transformation requires surgical focus on the customer.

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Abercrombie & Fitch audiogram

This audiogram features Eric Johnson, Group VP digital solutions, Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

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Customizing the Driving Experience | IBM Services + Volkswagen

Volkswagen, one of the top-three automakers in the world, knew it could do more with its customer-data. Partnering with the IBM Garage, VW created We Experience, a mobility service that enhances a…

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IBM Support Insights - Forecast failures to avoid downtime

IBM Support Insights is a cloud-based service that helps IT teams improve IT uptime and address vulnerabilities with analytics-driven insights, asset management and preventive maintenance…

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Vi becomes a digital-first organization

Vodafone Idea: A telecom merger provides an opportunity to innovate.

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奥迪英国 + IBM:为客户提供更加智能的体验

了解奥迪英国公司如何在 IBM 服务部的帮助下提高汽车销量与生产力。

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Design System : comment accélérer la conception des produits tout en améliorant l’expérience de marque.

Découvrez comment déployer avec succès votre propre Design System, avec l'étude dans ce webinar de la mise en œuvre concrète chez Clear Channel,…

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AUDI AG accelerates path to new business insights with IBM and SAP

Luxury automobile manufacturer Audi in Germany reduces database size by 50%, accelerates data loading to 100 times faster and decreases the number of physical systems for SAP workloads by 66% when it…

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IBM and SAP | SAP S/4HANA | IBM’s Etki Değerlendirme Aracı_Turkish

Bu video, kurumunuz için SAP S / 4HANA özelliklerini anlamanıza yardımcıolacaktır. SAP S / 4HANA'ya geçişinizin önemini ve etkisini detaylıca dinleyebilirsiniz.…

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KBC + IBM: Closing the skills gap

KBC works with IBM Services to help reinvent their workforce through talent development and skills training.

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IBM+日立造船:環境問題 地球の未来のためにできること

IBMコンサルティングサービスに開発されたAIによるごみ焼却施設の全自動運転を実現し、 高付加価値サービスとして新たに事業化の事例です。

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Farmer Connect + IBM_ ES_CO

From the perspective of consumers, the coffee industry is complex, from farm cultivation to domestic distribution, processing, export and import. Technology can show the entire journey from farm…

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