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The Fallout

A failed and manual disaster recovery plan that could have been automated.

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The Outage

A perfect storm scenario that could have been predicted.

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Moment of Truth

For a digitally dependent business, a small disruptive event can have a ripple effect on your entire business operations. Let’s look at these events that unfolded at MyShoppe.

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Driving Hybrid Multicloud Resilience With Automation

This Forrester report studies how organizations integrate resilience into their hybrid multicloud strategies and how far they are in automating their backup and recovery workflows.

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Oncor: IBM 예측적 유지보수를 통한 송배전 서비스 중단 방지

Oncor는 송배전 유틸리티 회사입니다. 발전을 소유하지 않고, 전기를 판매하지 않는 유선 전문 회사이기 때문에, 정전을 통한 서비스 중단이 발생할 경우, 정확한 복구 시간과 위험 자산 가치를 평가할 수 있어야 합니다. IBM 예측 유지보수 서비스가 복구 시간의 예측 및 추정을 위한 최신의 데이터를 제공합니다.

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康师傅 :在逆境时与风险对冲,实现可持续发展


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Achieve instant recovery of critical data with IBM Cloud Data Virtualization

Learn how Cloud Data Virtualization (CDV), a unique IBM managed service offered by IBM Resiliency Services, enables you to protect data and leverage it for multiple purposes beyond the traditional…

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IBM Resiliency Services Overview

Can your business outthink disruption? IBM Resiliency Services can help your business identify risks and ensure you’re ready to detect, react, and recover from a disruption—across your…

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Reduce downtime impact with Instant Recovery

Customers expect 24/7/365 availability. Boost gives you extra processing capacity during shutdown, restart, and catchup……enabling you to handle backlogs, minimizing recovery time from…

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Resiliency for the hybrid cloud and multicloud era

Today’s enterprise environment conditions you for continuous network availability due to the advancements in cloud technologies. Creating a successful business resiliency strategy requires…

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IBM Resiliency Communications as a Service Capabilities Showcase

このビデオでは、IBM Resiliency Communications as a Service の機能概要をツアーで紹介します。

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IBM Cyber Incident Recovery demo

Demonstrates how Cyber Incident Recovery helps protect applications and data against cyberattacks and rapidly recover from cyber incidents

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2017 Cost of Data Breach Study: Impact of Business Continuity Management

DRJ-hosted webinar on how business continuity management (BCM) can help reduce the impact of a data breach.

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IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration Overview Video

IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration Overview Videoこのビデオを見ると、IBM クラウド・レジリエンシー・オーケストレーションの機能と価値を理解できます

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