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IBM GDPS 4.7 Update - 05022024

IBM GDPS provides continuous availability, disaster recovery, and cyber resiliency protection for IBM Z clients. GDPS 4.7 became generally available on March 29th, 2024, and this session will provide…

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Reduce Z data archival and disaster recovery costs using Cloud Storage

Say goodbye to inefficient and expensive storage solutions and discover a whole new world of possibilities for managing your IBM Z data. Unlock the full potential of cloud storage to minimize…

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AIOps on IBM Z Act: IT automation

In this video we will highlight how the AIOps for IBM Z framework can help you address a wide variety of automation needs and use cases. Learn more about AIOps on IBM Z solutions at…

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Critical Data Protection with IBM Cloud Cyber Recovery for Resiliency against Ransomware

Attacks are unrelenting and increasingly sophisticated, leaving businesses and government agencies the difficult choice of paying bad actors to regain their data or attempting to recover their data…

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IBM TS7700 Best Practices for Disaster Recovery Testing - 04182023

The IBM TS7700 provides the capability to perform Disaster Recovery (DR) testing without interrupting production processing and replication. There are multiple DR testing options available, and…

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IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.13 Multi Server Replication from CLI - Demo

Spectrum Protect servers can now replicated their node and filespace data to up to two different target Spectrum Protect servers. This demo shows how to setup mutli-server replication via the command…

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Michael Herrera - Continuous availability with IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems are known for their ability to support mission critical workloads across industries. But even with the various levels of built-in resiliency, the need to provide continuous…

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Disaster Recovery vs. Backup: What's the difference?

In this lightboard video, Bradley Knapp with IBM Cloud, answers these questions and many more as he breaks down the differences and similarities between disaster recovery and backup, as well as…

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Mainframe as a service from the cloud supports Arizonans in need

A social services agency in the US improves support for the needy, accelerates application modernization and frees IT personnel for more strategic work when it engages IBM Global Technology Services…

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Soluciones de continuidad de negocio y gestión de picos de demanda: IBM Cloud y VMWare

Las razones que motivaron las decisiones de los responsables TI sobre cloud y sobre continuidad de negocio han cambiado: el entorno económico es impredecible y los picos de demanda no son una…

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The Recovery

Recovery that took days could have been executed in minutes.

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Protect against data corruption with IBM Z

What if all your data and applications disappeared today? How would you recover?When your data is attacked or accidentally corrupted, the IBM cyber vault helps you quickly identify this corruption…

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IDC business value study for IBM's DRaaS and Resiliency Orchestration Services

This IDC study highlights the business benefits and impact realised by customers using IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration and/or IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service.

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IBM Cyber Incident Response Service

Do you know what's the capacity of your business to withstand planned and unplanned outages and to operate services normally? Identify your strengths and areas of opportunity, and create the…

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A Basic Roadmap to IMS High Availability and Resiliency

Description: This session provides an overview of capabilities in IMS that provide for high availability and resiliency. It provides strategies to address failures along with strategies to support…

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Susan Proietti Conti - Disaster Recovery Center Costs

Susan Proietti Conti, IBM Executive Project Manager for IT Economics, shares how a retailer leveraged newer POWER technology to reduce disaster recovery center costs

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