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DS8K Safeguarded Copy with CSM and GDPS LCP Demo - 05192022

To quickly view the demo portion, please click on the upper left hand button within the video (three lines) and click the Demo Chapter, you can quickly jump there. Protecting your data has…

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What's new is GDPS? 04142022

GDPS is IBM's premier continuous availability, disaster recovery, and cyber-resiliency solution for managing z/OS, z/VM, and Linux on IBM Z and their data, both within and across sites. In…

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Stay ahead from Cyber threats with IBM technologies

This non-technical video presents the business reasons why every company in every industry should investigate and potentially implement a Cyber Resilience solution from IBM called IBM Z Cyber Vault. …

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借助 Cyber Vault on IBM Z 防止数据损坏

假如今天您的所有数据和应用都消失了该怎么办?您如何恢复? 当您的数据受到攻击或意外损坏时,IBM Cyber Vault 可帮助您快速识别损坏并恢复数据。 通过离线存储数据快照,您可以恢复数据的最佳时间点副本,以最大限度地减少数据丢失。这有助于您更快地从网络事件中恢复过来,并减少其影响。 当网络攻击袭来时,分秒必争。您可以借助 IBM Cyber Vault…

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What is IBM GDPS - IBM's business continuity solution for IBM z

This video explains what GDPS is: the IBM's business continuity solution for IBM z

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IBM GDPS Business Continuity Solution

Meet Anthony and Ivan from the GDPS Team in Montpellier discussing IT resilience and disaster recovery

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Protect against data corruption with IBM Z

What if all your data and applications disappeared today? How would you recover?When your data is attacked or accidentally corrupted, the IBM cyber vault helps you quickly identify this corruption…

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IBM Z for IT Infrastructure Resiliency

In this Digital Age, businesses rely on highly resilient IT infrastructure to keep their mission-critical applications up and running, 24x7x365. Designed for continuous availability and…

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