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Critical Data Protection with IBM Cloud Cyber Recovery for Resiliency against Ransomware

Attacks are unrelenting and increasingly sophisticated, leaving businesses and government agencies the difficult choice of paying bad actors to regain their data or attempting to recover their data…

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遠東新世紀股份有限公司-在 COVID-19 肆虐期間維持跨國分公司的穩定營運,並確保員工健康安全

遠東集團以 IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared (IC4VSS) 的 VMware Cloud Director,將企業的 VM 延伸至雲端並獲得更優化的容量與可擴充性,並在費用上轉換成用多少付多少的隨需支付模式。由 IBM Cloud代為管理包括 Hypervisor 在內的基礎架構,企業不需要擔心更新系統和修補程式管理,可更專注於應用程式的開發與創新…

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IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions: Dollars back to your business

Put dollars back into your business with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. Streamline your operations, scale on demand, and drive innovation all while leveraging the same VMware tools and resources you…

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VMware Solutions용 IBM Cloud로 유연한 클라우드 배포

몇 분 만에 IBM Cloud에서 VMware 솔루션을 구성하십시오. 하나의 콘솔에서 서비스를 추가하고, 업데이트를 관리할 수 있습니다.

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使用 Veeam on IBM Cloud 提高可用性

Zeb Ahmed - 資深產品經理 - IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions;Ronn Martin - 解決方案架構師 - Veeam

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