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IBM Sustainability Accelerator at COP28 with Justina Nixon

Speaking at several panels at COP28, Chief Impact Officer Justina Nixon shares how IBM’s Sustainability Accelerator uses data and AI to help communities most vulnerable to climate change.

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The future of computing for climate response with Dr. Hendrik Hamann

Dr. Hendrik Hanmann, Chief Science Officer for Climate and Sustainability, demonstrates how AI can scale, accelerate and discover new climate solutions.

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5 fundamental application data services needed for successful container deployments

Businesses want to gain the competitiveness and agility that container infrastructure and Kubernetes has to offer. In this video, Scott Baker explains the fundamental aspects of application data…

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The rise of generative AI for business (teaser)

Arthur C. Clarke famously said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” But Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not magic. It’s math and science, and…

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Generative AI-assisted mainframe application modernization

See IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z in action! Learn how watsonx Code Assistant for Z can increase developer productivity and agility throughout the application development lifecycle. Learn more…

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Leverage Kafka to build intelligent applications with IBM Cloud Event Streams

Event Streams on IBM Cloud is a fully managed, high-throughput message bus built on Apache Kafka that enables applications and services to communicate. It is optimized for event ingestion into IBM…

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Wintershall Dea client story

Wintershall Dea, a leading independent oil and gas company in Europe, recognized the need for AI to capitalize on data. They took action by partnering with IBM Consulting, Microsoft and Neudesic to…

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IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh: App-Centric Connectivity

Watch the demo to see how Hybrid Cloud Mesh can create secured application connectivity across clouds in minutes, not days and enhance collaboration between DevOps and CloudOps teams through a single…

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Demo: Databricks and Spark observability with IBM Databand

This video shows how to connect Databand with your Databricks cluster for continuous data observability. Interested in more information? Reach out to our experts to request an IBM Databand demo or…

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Demo: How to set up data pipeline alerts with IBM Databand

This video will walk through how you can set alert notifications for data pipeline errors such as failed runs, longer than expected durations, missing data operations, and unexpected schema changes. …

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AI in Cybersecurity

Learn how AI acts as a force multiplier to help you address security threats more effectively.

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With as few as zero examples, can read and classify written input. See how can evaluate and sort customer complaints or review customer feedback sentiment. Learn more at…

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Uncomplicate your contractor life cycle management process with IBM watsonx Orchestrate

See how Orchestrate streamlines the process of identifying, selecting, and onboarding contractors quickly and seamlessly in this video.

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This tool enables automatic porting of Go source code to Unix-compatible operating systems that have gained new support for the Go programming language. Wharf works by investigating Go source code…

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IBM Instana Cloud Migration

Migrating to AWS? Discover how Instana's AI-powered automated observability solution, designed to cover both AWS and hybrid-cloud environments, can help you make the move with confidence. You…

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Welcome to the Age of Platform Engineering

Welcome to the age of platform engineering where your software application development teams consume infrastructure, APIs, and delivery orchestrations through self-service automated tools

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