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¿Qué es UEM (Gestión Unificada de Endpoints)?

Escuche a Will Davis, gerente de satisfacción del cliente de IBM, explicar qué es la Gestión Unificada de Endpoints y cómo puede administrar sus dispositivos con una…

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Démo Maximo Health and Predict Utilities

Découvrez comment les solutions d'APM (Asset Performance Management - gestion des performances des ressources) IBM Maximo Health and Predict Utilities aident les entreprises à…

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Maximo Health and Predict Utilities – Demo

Entdecken Sie IBM Maximo Health and Predict Utilities für Energie- und Versorgungsunternehmen. Es unterstützt Sie bei der Bereitstellung wichtiger Funktionen des Asset…

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Enfoque de cloud híbrido abierto

¿Para qué sirve ser abiertos? Descubra cómo un enfoque de cloud híbrido abierto con IBM y Red Hat ayuda a que sus inversiones en TI rindan más que nunca.

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Virescent Infrastructure embarks on hybrid cloud journey with IBM and RISE with SAP to accelerate sustainable business growth.

Virescent Infrastructure, a renewable energy platform needed a robust, world-class system to integrate and standardize transaction reporting, accounting, business planning and consolidation…

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Watson Assistant Extensions

Unlock the potential of your customer service experience and seamlessly integrate Watson Assistant into your existing environment without heavy development. Empower your domain experts to build…

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The Smarter Hospital: PART 2

How do we accelerate the shift to the smarter hospital, and what can we learn from other industries? Listen to Mark Davies, Chief Medical Officer of IBM in Europe, Middle East and Africa, in…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Video with short description of IBM Cloud Pack for Data

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Doing well by doing good: Why sustainable operations are good for everyone

Our assets, like buildings, energy grids, vehicles and industrial equipment, are key contributors to the sustainability challenges we face today. But did you know that good asset management practices…

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IBM OpenPages Regulatory Compliance Management: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how to drive efficient end-to-end regulatory compliance management.

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An innovative approach to payments: The IBM Payments Center™

Financial institutions and businesses are looking to modernize their payments capabilities and reduce their infrastructure costs. The IBM Payments Center™ delivers the latest cognitive…

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Why IBM Financial Services Cloud Matters

The IPC Payment-as-a-Service platform is delivered on IBM Cloud for Financial Services, a public cloud that's built for trust and security. It's designed to address financial…

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The value of outsourcing payment processing

Outsourcing to the IPC allows enterprises to potentially reduce the high capital and operational costs associated with payments systems development and processing. It also provides enterprises…

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IBM and SWIFT for global financial messages

SWIFT continues to be the most ubiquitous, secure and resilient network when it comes to financial messaging, and it continues to evolve and demand changes of users as it modernizes. The IBM Service…

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A cognitive platform connecting all of the ecosystem players

The IPC Payments-as-a-Service Platform is delivered on IBM Cloud for for Financial Services, a public cloud that's built for trust and security . It's designed to address financial…

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A developer's approach to payment innovation

IPC provides a sandbox for payment service development experimentation, innovation and collaboration. within a secure environment. This gives developers the tools they need to accelerate the time…

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