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IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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How IBM Global Financing leveraged a data fabric to streamline data access

IBM Global Financing's IT department leverages our Data Fabric strategy to streamline and innovate the ways our business operates. With a data fabric, we can eliminate the need to manage and…

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How DataStage on Cloud Pak for Data clears data roadblocks

When organizations implement a new data integration tools into their data integration strategy, there are inevitable, costly roadblocks they'll come across. However, DataStage on IBM Cloud Pak…

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How unlocking the value of data can optimize nuclear power generation

A nuclear power utility in Canada gains capabilities to improve the reliability, efficiency and safety of its operations when it engages IBM to replace a heritage system with the IBM Maximo for…

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Integrating IBM Z Common Data Provider Data into Splunk

Interested in getting mainframe data into the Splunk analytics engine? See how easy integrating mainframe operations data into Splunk can be using IBM Z Common Data Provider. IBM Z Common…

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Auto Scaling with IBM DataStage - IBM Cloud Pak for Data 3.0

Elastic scaling helps to automatically distribute workflows, and with IBM DataStage on Cloud Pak for Data, automatic workload management provides the scalability industries need.

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Exploring the functionality of IBM DataStage flow designer

To learn more visit Through the lens of our car manufacturing company use case, see how IBM DataStage Flow Designer can help provide an in-depth analysis of…

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IBM App Connect Overview

BM App Connect helps connect the apps you use everyday to automate your workflow and be more productive keep consistency of your data and collaborate better. Free up time to focus on the work that…

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