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IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Video with short description of IBM Cloud Pack for Data

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451 Research: The convergence of data lakes and data warehouses

Learn more about the convergence of data lakes and data warehouses from 451 Research's Matt Aslett

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What is a Data Warehouse?

What’s is a data warehouse, and how does it compare to a data mart and data lake? Is a data warehouse solution only for large enterprises? In this lightboard video, Luv Aggarwal with IBM…

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Reimagining the data architecture with Associated Bank and IBM

For years, organizations have divided their analytics architecture into two core pieces. Teams explored, refined, and trained models on semi-structured data within a data lake, and then moved…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data - Intro to Data Virtualization

This video introduces you to the data virtualization capabilities with IBM Cloud Pak for Data. You will learn the answers to why data virtualization is needed; what a typical data lake architecture…

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数据与 AI — 简化 AI 数据管理 (精华版)

AI 的普及进一步推动了企业现代化数据湖的需求,以应对在上市时间、性能和运营效率等⽅⾯面临的挑战。深剖 AI 数据存储的技术难题 行业标杆案例分享 1 -芯片制造 行业标杆案例分享 2 -生物制药 IBM 面向 AI 的存储解决方案:如需咨询,请您致电…

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要建数据湖,就找 IBM

数据湖是企业数字化转型的重点领域。AI 的普及进一步推动了企业数据湖的需求。客⼾在上市时间、性能和运营效率⽅⾯面临越来越来越大的挑战,当数据湖遇见混合云,企业需要一个现代化的数据湖。采用 IBM 软件定义存储能够简化和整合数据湖,实现开放的、端到端的高速数据管道。 IBM 面向 AI 的存储解决方案:…

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地平线:加速 AI 研发, 让智能驾驶更安全更美好

AI 独角兽企业地平线业务发展迅猛,数据量呈爆发式增长,数据成本随之增加,业务性能和管理遇到瓶颈。地平线利用 IBM Spectrum Scale 解决了数据竖井、数据跨云调度、运维管理难题,突破 AI 领域的研发与实践的瓶颈,从而更好地利用资源,让业务更加智能。 观看视频,了解地平线如何将 IBM 数据湖方案应用在芯片制造企业,加速研发、简化数据管理,降本增效,让 AI…

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混合云数据湖,怎么混 - IBM 四季度存储新品发布深度解读

IBM 存储第四季度新品发布深入解读,与您畅聊海量数据上云的趋势,全面剖析上云程中数据湖的意义。今年, IBM 与 Cloudera 的战略合作,帮助客户用这些数据来实现更大的业务价值。本次会议还特邀 Cloudera 嘉宾带您解析在金融、制造等行业中,海量数据洞察为客户创造的巨大价值。演讲 PPT:海量数据上云,跟我混:面向 Hadoop 和大数据分析的数据平台 演讲…

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Delfi collaborates with IBM Services to build a Data Lake solution

Delfi collaborated with IBM Services to build a Data Lake solution that can provide a comprehensive view of data for effective and efficient decision-making. It helped Delfi take smarter, data-driven…

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Standard Bank: Data unlocked across the organization drives growth and improves resiliency

Serving the needs of clients in 20 countries and multiple languages across the continent of Africa is no easy task. Learn how Standard Bank Group’s superior data governance practices bring…

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