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IBM & IBM Data Gate for watsonx: Mainframe data for AI

Watch the demo to learn how IBM's open data lakehouse architecture enables you to unlock the power of transactional mainframe data for AI through integration with IBM data gate for…

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IBM Informix with

Watch the demo to see how IBM Informix helps prepare your data for AI using

From  chq_master_librarians The data store for generative AI

Watch the demo to see how gives you the power to access and unify data across disparate data sources, to store data for AI models and applications, and to store vectorized embeddings for…

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IBM and Intel optimize for customers

Vikram Murali, Vice President of Hybrid Data Management of Data & AI for IBM, speaks about their close work with Intel to optimize for customers.

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IBM Animation

High resolution animation for

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How Cirata automates massive datasets to IBM watsonx

Learn how Cirata makes continuous ingestion data from other platforms to watsonx in this demonstration. To learn more about watsonx, especially, visit here…

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Scale analytics and AI with Netezza and

See how you can securely share a single copy of data between Netezza and lakehouse, and optimize analytics and AI workloads for price and performance.

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Scale analytics and AI with Db2 Warehouse and

See how you can securely share a single copy of data between Db2 and lakehouse, and optimize analytics and AI workloads for price and performance

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Why a data lakehouse architecture?

While organizations are modernizing their data infrastructures to reduce costs and put data to work for analytics and AI, how are they choosing the right architecture? Watch the video to learn how…

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Demo: Scale analytics and AI workloads with IBM

IBM is a fit-for-purpose data store, built on an open lakehouse architecture that enables you to scale AI workloads, for all your data, anywhere. You can get started in minutes, easily…

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Webinar: How to scale AI workloads taking an open data lakehouse approach

Discover how can help your organization successfully scale analytics and AI workloads for all your data, hear from industry experts on the benefit of an open lakehouse approach, and see…

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Introducing the next generation of the cloud-native Db2 Warehouse

Db2 Warehouse now runs natively on highly resilient, inexpensive cloud object storage, coupled with advanced caching techniques, ensures that your analytics workloads run 4x faster while reducing…

From  chq_master_librarians Insights powered by generative AI

See how you can discover, augment, refine and visualize and metadata through the power of models. Learn more at or try…

From  chq_master_librarians Easy-to-use integrated console

See how you can connect to existing analytics data across hybrid-cloud and deploy query engines in minutes. Explore and transform data using common SQL. Learn more at…

From  chq_master_librarians Fit-for-purpose query engines

See how you can drive analytics costs down with cost-efficient compute and storage and fit-for-purpose analytics engines — Presto, Spark, Db2, Netezza — that dynamically scale up and…

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See how easy it is to get started with, the data store that's built on an open data lakehouse architecture to help scale your analytics and AI workloads. Try it for free!

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