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Demo: Generative AI and machine learning with IBM

With IBM, you can train, validate, tune and deploy generative AI, foundation models and machine learning (ML) capabilities with ease. Start your free trial today.

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Client story with Citi's Marc Sabino

Marc Sabino, Chief Auditor at Citi, speaks with Arvind Krishna about how Citi transformed their internal auditing processes with OpenPages, incorporated AI governance to their AI strategy, and look…

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With as few as zero examples, can read and classify written input. See how can evaluate and sort customer complaints or review customer feedback sentiment. Learn more at…

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See how can help you sort through the complex details and quickly pull the information you want from large documents. Identify named entities, parse terms and conditions and more. Learn…

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From writing marketing emails to creating customer personas, is your new creative partner. See how you can specify what you want, set the parameters and let the AI do the work. Learn more…

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Watch the demo to see how can help transform dense text into your personalized executive overview, capturing key points from financial reports, meeting transcriptions and more. Learn more…

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AI for business: Seize the moment and unlock growth with intelligent automation

The current AI landscape presents an opportunity for businesses to achieve a significant breakthrough in productivity and competitiveness amidst a challenging economic environment and talent…

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IBM watsonx Code Assistant Product Demonstration

Code with confidence using natural language inputs with IBM watsonx Code Assistant.

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