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IBM Z LPARs, Parallel Sysplex, and the Coupling Facility

This video describes the basics of some IBM System Z structures and components, and discusses how to exploit those components to run a parallel sysplex to provide improved availability and…

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Mainframe as a service from the cloud supports Arizonans in need

A social services agency in the US improves support for the needy, accelerates application modernization and frees IT personnel for more strategic work when it engages IBM Global Technology Services…

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What is Wazi?

Introduction to IBM Wazi for Red Hat CodeReady

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Uncover Buried Treasure with Business Rule Discovery and ADDI

Want to find business rules in your monolithic code base and expose it as an API? Use IBM ADDI to leverage business and IT.

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Rabobank: Achieving DevOps agility with the mainframe

Aiming to bring faster development and testing to its mainframe environment without sacrificing stability and scalability, Rabobank uses IBM UrbanCode and IBM Rational solutions to automate…

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Rabobank: Bringing Dev and Ops together

Rabobank gets software developers and IT ops staff on the same page using IBM Rational and IBM UrbanCode software. Results: accelerated deployments from weeks to hours while freeing up staff to…

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Rabobank: Partnering with IBM to drive innovation

For industry front runners like Rabobank, pre-existing IT products usually don’t provide all that’s needed to support the company’s vision. So Rabobank formed a collaborative…

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Třinecké Železárny operates 24/7 relying on IBM DS8870 and IBM zEnterprise

Trinecke Zelezarny and IBM have been technology partners for over 70 years. As their steel production and IT demands has evolved, so have their IBM solutions. IBM DS8870 will enable Trinecke…

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RCBC relies on Finacle on IBM System z

RCBC uses Finacle on IBM System z to run its core banking functions and grow new opportunities. Learn more at Stay in Touch: •IBM Client References:…

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RCBC partners with Infosys and IBM to transform financial services in the Philippines

RCBC uses Finacle on IBM System z to run its core banking functions and grow new opportunities. Learn more at

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GAD eG centralizes IT for German banks with help from IBM Tivoli software

Martin Bense, director for mainframe network and storage management for GAD eG, discusses how this banking IT services firm uses IBM technology to support a web-based application infrastructure for…

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First National Bank discovers the untapped potential of banking in Africa

Vincent Walden, Head of Forensic Data Analytics at Ernst & Young explains

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First National Bank drives growth and prosperity across Africa

When I think about the IBM big data platform and how that feeds into that strategy, the appliance model is key so that we can take Ernst & Young library of anti-fraud tests and all our years of…

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Discover the power of IBM Mobile in Africa

Watch the complete First National Bank story: and read their IBM client story at In South Africa, more people have cell phones than bank…

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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. breaks down IT silos

To reduce the risks associated with older technologies and attract new development talent, CMHC used IBM Rational Developer for System z software to provide an integrated environment for COBOL…

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