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Hong Kong ASTRI: Using an agile approach to systems engineering

To help develop smart manufacturing technology, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI) wanted to introduce a more agile development approach for its…

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Contact center optimization helps keep classrooms open

A state public health agency in the US increases the speed of case investigations by 5x when it engages IBM Global Business Services – Cognitive Process Services and Cognitive Business Decision…

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Suman Gopinath - Automated Testing on Z

IBM Z has been the platform of choice for enterprise business applications for many years. The applications themselves have evolved in complexity. In this video IBM Chief Architect Suman Gopinath…

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z/TPF Internship: z/TPF Automated Test Framework

An educational overview of the z/TPF automated test framework.

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Powering a Customer-centric Strategy with Faster, Higher-quality Application Development

The world is changing fast, and banks are under pressure to adapt quickly to retain their customers. Swedbank unlocked new agility by deploying IBM® Application Discovery and Delivery…

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True Shift Left Testing for your z/OS Applications

Testing is a key part of any DevOps transformation. In this session, Nathan Cassata focuses on how to apply shift left testing to your traditional z/OS applications. He demonstrates step by step how…

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z/OS Unit Testing; Creating a ZUnit Test Case on a Sub Program

This brief video demonstrates how easy it is to create a ZUnit test case on a batch sub program using the Dynamic Test Runner. The Dynamic Test Runner data collection process can intercept calls…

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z/OS Unit Testing; Using ZUnit to Create a Test Case for a Main Program

This video demonstrates how easy it is to create a ZUnit test case on a main program using the Dynamic Test Runner. The Dynamic Test Runner data collection process can intercept calls made by user…

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z/OS Unit Testing (ZUnit); Recording CICS Dynamically Called Programs

In this video, you’ll learn how to create a ZUnit test case on a dynamically called program from a CICS application. Prior to this recording, we have already created a remote property group to…

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z/OS Unit Testing (ZUnit); Getting Started with a Remote Project

ZUnit is an adaptation of the xUnit framework for writing code to run repeatable, self-checking unit tests. The ideas and framework that are developed in xUnit for unit testing object-oriented code…

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Introducing IBM Developer for z/OS, version 15

This video is an overview of IBM® Developer for z/OS®, version 15. IBM Developer for z/OS is an integrated development tool that you can use to design, develop, deploy, and test mainframe…

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IBM Z End To End DevOps Demo

In this demo, you will see how you can use CI/CD practices, common tools, modern SCM’s and parallel development to bridge the gap between mainframe development and other platforms.

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z/OS Visual Debugger

Visual Debug is an integration between the IBM Developer for z/OS Debugger and the Program Control Flow view. It provides a graphical view of the COBOL and PL/1 program execution flow to help you…

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IBM Debug for z/OS

The IBM Debug for z/OS is a powerful debugger that provides debug and code coverage for z/OS applications developed using COBOL, PL/1, C/C++, and assembler. It supports debugging of applications…

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IBM Z Open Debug

This video introduces the IBM Z Open Debug component that ships with multiple products, including IBM ADFz, IDz EE and IBM Wazi for Red Hat Code Ready Workspaces. It includes a brief demonstration of…

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Welcome to IBM Developer for z/OS; version 15

IBM® Developer for z/OS® is a modern, robust toolset for developing and maintaining z/OS applications through the use of DevOps practices. IBM Developer for z/OS offers COBOL, PL/I, High…

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