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z/OS Unit testing; Creating a ZUnit testcase for a Db2 program with file I/O

This video illustrates using the ZUnit tooling in IDz to create a testcase containing multiple test scenarios, for a program that accesses DB2 and performs file I/O.

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What is IBM DevOps Automation?

Explore the benefits of automating the DevOps processes across your organization with IBM DevOps Automation.

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TDMF accelerates Z DevOps and Continuous Integration

Known for expertise in migrating to the cloud, TDMF capabilities go far beyond that effort. Using its powerful end-to-end DevOps capabilities will help you modernize and bring your applications…

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IBM® Wazi Virtual Test Platform Demo

IBM Wazi Virtual Test Platform allows you to implement a continuous integration, continuous delivery model to Shift Left testing, automate and implement continuous testing and reduce environment…

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