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zOS Academy - Ansible

Red Hat Ansible is the leader in automation platforms across the enterprise, and IBM has been contributing collections into the community to enable the IBM Z platform to be managed and automated by…

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zOS Academy - Wazi

IBM is extending the mainframe software ecosystem by providing a selection of IDEs to enable organizations to have a 'choose your own productive IDE' experience.

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zOS Academy - zOS JSON Data Server with new Modern API Access

This session introduces new modern APIs to our existing z/OS JSON data store. The new APIs allow for rapid development of applications requiring the high availability and scalability of Parallel…

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zOS Academy - IBM SMF Explorer with Python

IBM SMF Explorer aims to aid SMF data analysis. The framework allows the analyzing and accessing of SMF records directly where the data resides. The tool enables easy SMF data record fetching,…

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zOS Academy - What's new in zOS Container Extensions (IBM zCX)

In this session, we will discuss latest new features of IBM z/OS Container Extensions (IBM zCX) and how you can leverage Linux on Z software to build a hybrid workload with your existing native z/OS…

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借助 IBM Z 就地實施應用程式現代化

相比單一公有雲「從零開始」的現代化戰略,您可以在 IBM Z 上更靈活、更經濟、更安全地執行應用程式現代化: - 建立正確的基礎架構,優化維運成本。 - 將 IBM Z 整合到混合雲藍圖中,充分利用基於 Red Hat OpenShift 開放式的雲原生開發。 - 使用正確的 API 策略,快速存取應用程式和資料。 - 採用通用企業 DevOps 模式,持續整合和部署,提高業務靈活性。 -…

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[Career Talk] Early Tenure Panel / AMA 

An open and honest discussion about individual career paths, and leveraging opportunities to maximize growth. You'll hear from individuals working in various areas of Z and we'll talk about…

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Workload Interaction Correlator and Navigator

Come join Dan Rosa and Dan Wiegand as they showcase the IBM Z Workload Interaction Correlator and Navigator with demos and highlights. Learn how they can help you analyze performance information and…

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Installing z/OS 2.5 using z/OSMF Software Management

IBM is extending its z/OS ServerPac software delivery offering to use z/OSMF portable software instances with integrated workflows for configuration tasks. z/OS V2.5 and associated products will be…

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What's new in z/OS 2.5

A detailed overview of the newest features and highlights coming to z/OS V2R5.

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In conversation with Credit Suisse

This year for IBM Z day, our team partnered with Credit Suisse in a 30-minute, interview-style session to showcase how they are leveraging Python on IBM Z. Credit Suisse VP of DB2 and Analytics -…

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IBM z/OS V2.5: Driving Your Enterprise IT Organization’s Hybrid Cloud and AI Strategy

The latest IBM® z/OS® operating system, z/OS V2.5, is designed to support your digital transformation journey through an easy-to-use platform that enables innovative hybrid cloud and AI…

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借助 IBM Z 就地实施应用现代化

相比公有云“推倒重来” 的现代化战略,您可以在 IBM Z 上更快、更经济、更安全地实施应用现代化: - 建立优化运维成本和降低技术债务的正确基础。 - 将 IBM Z 整合到客户的混合云战略中,以充分利用基于 Red Hat OpenShift 开放式云原生开发 - 使用正确的 API 策略快速访问主机应用程序和数据。 - 采用通用企业 DevOps…

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DFSMShsm Education Series-hsm Best Practices

Ensure that you are utilizing all of the best practices for optimizing your DFSMShsm environment.

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DFSMShsm Education Series-HSM Control Data Sets

A deep dive into the care and feeding of the DFSMShsm inventory.

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DFSMShsm Education Series-HSM Fast Replication

An overview of DFSMShsm's capability to leverage FlashCopy and tape technology to create fast PiT copies of one or more storage groups and then optionally offload those copies to tape. DFSMShsm…

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