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Showcasing IBM Open Enterprise Foundation for z/OS

IBM Open Enterprise Foundation for z/OS® is a no-cost collection of vetted open source developer tools (Git, Curl, Bash, Vim and more) for z/OS that provides a consistent experience as Linux®…

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Tech Talk: What's Next in Open Source

You love open source, we love open source! But how does an open source go from idea to popular project to an actual commercial product? E.G. Nadhan, Global Chief Architect at Red Hat explains how…

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API Connect V10 - דמו

The video is demonstrating the highlights of API Connect V10 updates and new capabilities by Yaniv Yuzis Hybrid Cloud Specialist.

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Go on z/OS: Connecting Compiled Binary Programs to Go Programs

This tutorial covers how to use Go programs to call a script or binary programs. Calling outside scripts or programs from Go can be done to achieve program interoperability. The tutorial consists of…

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