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IBM Developer for z/OS: Custom Rules in Software Analyzer

IBM® Developer for z/OS® (IDz) is an eclipse based modern IDE toolset for developing and maintaining IBM z/OS applications through the use of DevOps practices. It helps to improve the…

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Serving Up Machine Learning w/ Samaya Madhavan

Developer advocate Samaya Madhavan walks us through how AI learns by comparing it to her toddler’s learning habits. Throughout the video, Samaya highlights the importance of object…

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Developer Diaries: Gaming and the evolution of AI with Otis Smart

Hear from IBM Developer Advocate Otis Smart as he explains how AI has improved the world of gaming and enterprise development throughout the years. To learn more, check out…

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Developer Diaries - Uniting musicians with AI and IBM Cloud Functions

Matt Hamilton takes us through a behind the scenes look at Choirless and how IBM Cloud Functions helped create a platform connecting musicians all over the world. This Call for Code finalist has…

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What is a daily stand-up?

Learn how to effectively participate in a stand-up meeting to ensure that there is always open and honest communication across your team. Read the practice to learn more about standups:…

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Method Minute: What is hypothesis driven development

Developers must deliver new function to customers in increasingly shorter time frames because the world is moving faster than ever before, powered by new technology and new ways of working. Learn…

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Method Minute: How to pay back technical debt

Here are 5 steps to help your team manage and reduce your technical debt. Learn more:

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Method Minute: What is a playback?

Learn about why playbacks are important and how your team should conduct them. Learn more about playbacks:

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Method Minute: How to create a kanban board

Learn how to create a web based kanban board. Read the practice to learn more:

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Method Minute: How to write a user story

In this episode we explain the fundamental steps of writing a good user story. User stories help product owners, architects, designers, and developers share a common understanding of how the team…

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Rabobank: Achieving DevOps agility with the mainframe

Aiming to bring faster development and testing to its mainframe environment without sacrificing stability and scalability, Rabobank uses IBM UrbanCode and IBM Rational solutions to automate…

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Rabobank: Bringing Dev and Ops together

Rabobank gets software developers and IT ops staff on the same page using IBM Rational and IBM UrbanCode software. Results: accelerated deployments from weeks to hours while freeing up staff to…

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Rabobank: Partnering with IBM to drive innovation

For industry front runners like Rabobank, pre-existing IT products usually don’t provide all that’s needed to support the company’s vision. So Rabobank formed a collaborative…

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How Walmart manages APIs to accelerate development and time to market

Walmart is building a platform driven by APIs to provide its developers with a self-service portal supporting faster development and helping Walmart deliver new services and improvements at the…

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IBM Business Partner Prolifics improves competitiveness with DevOps

IBM Business Partner Prolifics utilizes IBM collaborative lifecycle management and DevOps solutions to help customers streamline application development and deployment and gain competitive advantage.…

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IBM Business Partner ABS wins new business with IBM UrbanCode Deploy

IBM Business Partner A Better Solution, Inc. (ABS) uses IBM UrbanCode Deploy software to quickly develop an impressive proof of concept and win the business of a new healthcare client. Read more:…

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