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Introducing watsonx, IBM's next-generation AI and data platform

Introducing IBM’s next-generation AI and data platform to scale and accelerate AI, watsonx.

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With the power of foundation models, you can build powerful AI applications in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the data.

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Technology Summit Valencia: Ventajas de IBM Cloud Pak for Data aplicadas al proceso asistencial del paciente con IVO y DISID

IVO y DISID nos cuentan cómo han sido capaces de mejorar lostratamientos a los pacientes gracias a la tecnologia de IBM Cloud Pakfor Data.


Build with IBM: Embeddable AI

Introducing IBM embeddable AI: IBM ecosystem partners, including large and small ISVs, now have the flexibility to use the same core AI technology powering IBM products to create their own…

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IBM Technology Summit Barcelona: "Democratización de TI llevada a los datos"

Enric Delgado, CTO de IBM nos habla en #TechSummitBarcelona de data fabric y de IBM Garage, el marco de trabajo para co-crear soluciones a problemas de negocio, basadas en tecnología y…

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Cloud Pak for Data - Sharing your ML models as Notebooks

Learn how easy it is to save and share your previously created/generated ML models as Notebooks for further collaboration with other users and data scientists.

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Cloud Pak for Data - Creating and Running Machine Learning Models

Use a Notebook to simply and easily create and share machine learning models as part of a Cloud Pak for Data project, and automate its run schedule - all in just 5 mins

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Lab 6: Build a model

This lab demonstrates how to use AutoAI in Watson Studio and Watson Machine Learning to build a model in IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

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Проект использования ИИ для оценки лыжной техники участников RRC Ski Race

Приглашенные гости: А.Панжинский, заслуженный мастер спорта России по лыжным гонкам, Чемпион России, и М.Косилов, главный управляющий директор RRC.

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Диалог об искусственном интеллекте с приглашенным экспертом

Приглашенный гость: Евгений Черешнев,визионер, основатель компании Biolink.Tec, эксперт в области AI и больших данных.

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XDR and automation, AI, machine learning

Short-form video interview with Forrester's Allie Mellen on XDR and automation, AI, and machine learning.

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Think Moscow 2021 - Технологический марафон. Сбербанк

Интервью с Ильей Фатхутдиновым, руководителем направления по развитию бизнеса в финансовом секторе, IBM

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HCI welcomes Brian Thompto

The Power10 processor at the heart the recently announced IBM Power E1080 Server includes acceleration for AI built into every core. Learn how these new capabilities of the Power10 processor were…

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See how the SME Lending solution from IBM can benefit loan underwriters

Meet Jacques, a loan underwriter at a regional bank. See how he uses IBM Cloud Paks, AI-powered hybrid cloud software, to apply machine learning and advanced data visualization to speed the approval…

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Bring analytics tools to your data

Results of a Forrester study on the challenges of building machine learning models with data that is widely distributed.

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Innocens BV uses predictive AI to protect the most vulnerable newborns.

A healthcare startup reduces the time required to identify infants at risk of developing sepsis by up to several hours—enabling earlier and more successful intervention—when it works…

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