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Lakehouse Webinar - Modernize your Big Data Analytics with Data Lakehouse in IBM Cloud

This is the presentation recording of the public IBM Webinar "Modernize your Big Data Analytics with Data Lakehouse in IBM Cloud Webinar" from July 2022:…

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Technology Summit Valencia: Ventajas de IBM Cloud Pak for Data aplicadas al proceso asistencial del paciente con IVO y DISID

IVO y DISID nos cuentan cómo han sido capaces de mejorar lostratamientos a los pacientes gracias a la tecnologia de IBM Cloud Pakfor Data.


Космос и ИТ.

Интервью с А.Мисуркиным, Героем Российской Федерации, летчиком-космонавтом, организатором и ведущим научно-популярного проекта"Космос не ждет"

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Modelos de negocio sostenible con Javier Olaizola

Javier Olaizola comparte la propuesta de IBM para un modelo de empresa sostenible, 6 áreas de actuación donde podemos ayudar ya a las empresas a transformarse para crear nuevos…

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Диалог об искусственном интеллекте с приглашенным экспертом

Приглашенный гость: Евгений Черешнев,визионер, основатель компании Biolink.Tec, эксперт в области AI и больших данных.

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IBM Cloud & Clear : Les services pour accélérer l'innovation illustrés par des usages clients

L’offre IBM Cloud est une plateforme de services consommables à la carte avec quatre composants: infrastructure, développement, data et IA.

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Cognitive computing concepts

Discover what is cognitive computing and how basic concepts like Cognition, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data fit together.

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ExxonMobil: IBM Cloud로 주유소에서 혁신적인 고객 경험 선사

서비스 혁신을 위해 ExxonMobil은 IBM iX 팀과 협업하여 업계 최초의 디지털 결제용 스마트폰 앱인 SpeedPass+를 설계하고 출시했습니다. 해당 솔루션은 IBM Public Cloud를 이용했는데, 앱 운영 비용이 40% 절감되었고, 사용자의 증가에 따라 손쉽게 확장 가능합니다. ExxonMobil의 Devin Miller와 IBM의…

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The cloud you want with the privacy and security you need

In your journey to cloud, you need to avoid cloud security risks and migration challenges. This requires cloud without compromise. With the new IBM Z as part of your hybrid cloud infrastructure,…

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IBM Cloud Object Storage for big data and AI workloads

See one example of how IBM Cloud Object Storage is helping to bring value to big data.

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ExxonMobil + IBM Cloud: Transforming the customer experience at the pump

Building on a long track record of service innovation, ExxonMobil engaged an IBM® iX® team to help design and launch SpeedPass+, the industry’s first smartphone app for digital payment…

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Big Data Architecture - すべてのデータと分析を活用できる新アーキテクチャー

"このビデオ・コースでは、ビッグデータの特徴と、ビッグデータ活用の5つのシナリオを解説し、すべてのデータと分析を活用できる新アーキテクチャーである、IBM Watson Foundations…

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