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IBM Studios Milano - English Version

IBM Studios Milano - La casa dell'innovazione composta da Client Center, IBM Garage e IBM Strategy&Design Lab si trova a Milano in piazza Gae Aulenti.

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IBM e CRUI per la trasformazione digitale

Progetti innovativi per favorire l’innovazione attraverso l’Intelligenza Artificiale nel mondo accademico

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Francesca Rossi, AI Ethic Leader IBM

Making ethical decisions is possible" and the Rome Call for AI Ethics underlines the commitment to work together to promote the ethical advancement of AI as defined by 6 principles, which…

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"Le leve del cambiamento? Innovazione, tecnologia e capitale umano eterogeneo e preparato "

Patrizia Guiatani, Direttore Tecnico di IBM Italia, si racconta a #in300sec: “La soddisfazione più grande? Quando l’innovazione porta benefici concreti a…

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IBM Informix IoT - Moving Data from Network's Edge into the Data Center

Capturing and using unstructured data effectively is the next wave driving business innovation. Dedicated NoSQL databases lack the essential elements common to enterprise class databases such as…

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Prometeo: using AI to protect the health of firefighters

Prometeo, the winner of the 2019 Call for Code Global Challenge, has an IoT and AI solution that monitors the levels of toxin exposure for firefighters battling wildfires. Elements of the project are…

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What is Informix? (Long video)

IBM® Informix® is a secure embeddable database, optimized for OLTP and Internet of Things (IoT) data.This video will give you a brief understanding of the key features and benefits of…

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IBM Systems Manufacturing: Maximizing enterprise value through AI and edge computing

A US-based manufacturer of computer systems increases manufacturing efficiency when it automates deployment and management of AI-powered inspection apps across the enterprise using IBM Hybrid Cloud…

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IBM & Siemens Partnership Video

This video announces a collaboration between Siemens, IBM and Red Hat to accelerate digital transformation across the manufacturing industry. The joint initiative will apply IBM’s open, hybrid…

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Siemens, IBM, Red Hat Launch Hybrid Cloud Initiative to Increase Real-time Value of Industrial IoT Data

Siemens, IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Red Hat today announced a new collaboration that will use a hybrid cloud designed to deliver an open, flexible and more secure solution for manufacturers and plant…

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IoT Security - Tim Hahn

Explore the IoT architecture:

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Digital Innovation and Transformation: Seven safe bets to mess up

Digital Innovation and Transformation: Seven safe bets to mess up

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学习路径:IoT 开发入门

参考资源:【学习路径:IoT 开发入门】

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世界は、信頼というものを化学および石油会社に託しています。 IBMは、グローバルな混乱、変動する需要、および絶え間ない競争をより効果的に管理できるAIを活用して、信頼性をレジリエンスに変えることを支援します。よりレジリエントなビジネ ス・オペレーションを実現し、デジタル変革を推進しましょう。 よりスマートなビジネスを。 詳細はこちら:…

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The Journey to AI with data, IoT and sustainability

Data and AI opening session at Nordic Cloud and AI Forum by IBM, covering Data and AI trends and new ways of doing business in these challenging times.

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