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Demo: Modernize the retail orchestration hub with IBM Cloud Paks

Retail is going through a transformation driven by increased customer expectations, competition, and cost inflation. To compete, retailers need to manage operations across every channel—digital…

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Carhartt: una supply chain più smart grazie a IBM Planning Analytics

Per rispondere alla rapida crescita delle vendite, Carhartt ha implementato la soluzione IBM Planning Analytics per prevedere in modo intelligente la domanda e automatizzare gli…

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Pebble Beach crea la mejor experiencia de compra con IBM Planning Analytics

En colaboración con Locus Solutions, Pebble Beach implementó IBM Planning Analytics para ayudar a su división minorista a analizar los niveles de inventario, optimizar las…

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Carhartt: Smartere Lieferkettenplanung mit IBM Planning Analytics

Um auf das schnelle Umsatzwachstum zu reagieren, implementiert Carhartt die IBM Planning Analytics Lösung, um dieNachfrage intelligent vorherzusagen und das Auffüllen zu…

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Carhartt : la planification intelligente de la chaîne d'approvisionnement avec IBM Planning Analytics

Pour répondre à la croissance rapide des ventes, Carhartt a mis en œuvre la solution IBM Planning Analytics, qui lui permet d'établir des prévisions…

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How retail store managers benefit from a retail orchestration hub

Meet Sarah, a regional retail manager. See how she uses IBM Cloud Paks to gain greater visibility into operations to optimize processes, finances, and the retail experience of customers.

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Making fashion transparent; a retailers prespective

Sustainability consultant, Mike Barry discusses the challenges retailers face with achieving a transparent supply chain in the quest to become more sustainable.

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IBM Power 10 - The client perspective

A 10-minute video featuring IBM Power customer TJ Morris

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See how a Chief Data Officer benefits from a retail orchestration hub

Meet Arthur, the Chief Data Officer (CDO) of a retail company. Learn how Arthur uses IBM Cloud Paks to obtain better insights so he can improve his organization's digital business performance,…

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IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising Overview

Preserve brand trust by providing shoppers with greater certainty, choice and transparency across their buying journey. IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising empowers retailers to improve digital…

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Groupe Casino: IBM 기술로 소매점 재구성

소매점의 종말 시대는 당분간 오지 않을 것이며, 오프라인 매장의 미래도 충분히 보장되지만, 시대의 변화에 발맞추어 혁신하지 않으면 경쟁에서 도태될 수밖에 없습니다. 프랑스의 대형 소매업체 Groupe Casino는 IBM 기술을 도입하며 방문 고객의 매장 경험을 완벽하게 변화시켰습니다. 식당, 식료품점, 미식 코너, 와인 셀러, 쇼룸, 업무 협업 공간…

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ABFRL: IBM Services와 혁신적인 파트너십

인도 의류기업 ABFRL(Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd.)은 IBM Services와 제휴하여 클라우드 여정 가속화을 가속화했습니다.

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Graph Database Analytics with IBM Db2

See how graph database analytics in Db2 eliminates ETL, surfaces relationships between disparate data points, speeds queries, and interoperates with machine learning. Dive deeper into what…

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Stein Mart + IBM: Making Sense of Complex Retail Data with IBM Planning Analytics Powered by TM1

Planning Analytics, powered by TM1 helped drive better reporting results for Stein Mart by helping gather data and simplify it. With assistance from QueBIT, an IBM Business Partner, they were able…

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Spaghetti to simplicity with IBM Integration – YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group

YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group, an ecommerce company, produces large amounts of data each and every day. To keep things running smoothly an integration solution was built to connect their applications and…

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Consumer Industry Expert: Luq Niazi

The retail industry is going through exponential disruption. In this expert insight, IBM consumer expert Luq Niazi discusses how AI, IoT, and blockchain are providing solutions in retail and consumer…

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