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IBM z16: Built to build the future of business

On April 4, IBM announced new rack mount and single frame configurations of IBM z16. Watch the event replay to hear from a community of clients, partners, technical experts and IBM leaders to learn…

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Modernize your IT with hybrid cloud

From banks to energy suppliers, businesses are working with IBM and Red Hat to connect data across clouds. By building and running apps on an open hybrid cloud platform, IBM can help your business…

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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation – or RPA – is a software tool that can handle the repetitive tasks that often bog down IT professionals. Powered by AI, RPA allows businesses to take on…

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开放能为您带来什么?了解 IBM 和 Red Hat 共同打造的开放混合云方法如何让您从IT 投资中获益更多

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개방형 하이브리드 클라우드 접근방식

개방형 시스템은 비즈니스에 어떤 도움이 될까요? IBM 및 Red Hat과 함께하는 개방형 하이브리드 클라우드 접근방식으로 IT 투자를 최대한 활용하는 방법을 알아보세요.

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Abordagem de nuvem híbrida aberta

O que a abordagem de nuvem híbrida aberta pode fazer por você? Veja como uma abordagem de nuvem híbrida aberta com a IBM e a Red Hat ajuda a fazer seus investimentos em TI…

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Let’s create→ 業界を変革するハイブリッドクラウドを。

複雑化するITシステムと変化の激しいビジネス状況の中、オープンなハイブリッドクラウド戦略は欠かせません。IBMとともに、あらゆるクラウドをシームレスに連携して、ハイブリッドクラウドのメリットを最大化しませんか。 IBM、IBMロゴ、およびibm.comは、世界の多くの国で登録されたInternational Business Machines…

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Edge AI vs. Distributed AI

Distributed AI is a new paradigm which allows you to scale your data and a wide variety of applications across distributed cloud environments. Nirmit Desai from IBM Research explains Distributed AI…

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Low-Code Explained in 3 minutes

Developers and business professionals can take advantage of low-code platforms to deliver applications faster. Low-code solutions include base functionality that handles the majority of business…

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Open hybrid cloud approach

What can open do for you? See how an open hybrid cloud approach with IBM and Red Hat helps your IT investments work harder than ever.

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Garanta o desempenho de seus aplicativos com AIOps

Para ter sucesso no mercado digital, garantir o desempenho de seus aplicativos é fundamental. É por isso que você precisa da estratégia certa de AIOps para ter sucesso, e a…

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Asegure el rendimiento de sus aplicaciones con AIOps

Para tener éxito en el mercado digital, es fundamental garantizar el rendimiento de sus aplicaciones. Por ello necesita la estrategia AIOps correcta para tener éxito, e IBM está…

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Cloud without Compromise Event Video -- SAP and IBM Cloud -- App Modernization

Lalit Patil, CTO SAP Enterprise Cloud Services, SAP SE, on the longstanding partnership with IBM, and how both companies are collaborating to help businesses become data-driven intelligent…

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Demo: Modernize the retail orchestration hub with IBM Cloud Paks

Retail is going through a transformation driven by increased customer expectations, competition, and cost inflation. To compete, retailers need to manage operations across every channel—digital…

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该视频系列将是我们开展的“人工智能训练场”活动的一部分,旨在向观众揭秘是什么让人工智能切实可行,并详细介绍了该如何汇集、准备、清理和集成各种数据集,从而确保结果值得信赖,并兑现广受赞誉的创新 AI 承诺。

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Modernize your business now to remain competitive

To remain competitive, a growing number of companies have digitally transformed their operations to update antiquated systems and manual processes. See how IBM Cloud Paks can help build and run apps…

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