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借助 IBM Z 就地實施應用程式現代化

相比單一公有雲「從零開始」的現代化戰略,您可以在 IBM Z 上更靈活、更經濟、更安全地執行應用程式現代化: - 建立正確的基礎架構,優化維運成本。 - 將 IBM Z 整合到混合雲藍圖中,充分利用基於 Red Hat OpenShift 開放式的雲原生開發。 - 使用正確的 API 策略,快速存取應用程式和資料。 - 採用通用企業 DevOps 模式,持續整合和部署,提高業務靈活性。 -…

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借助 IBM Z 就地实施应用现代化

相比公有云“推倒重来” 的现代化战略,您可以在 IBM Z 上更快、更经济、更安全地实施应用现代化: - 建立优化运维成本和降低技术债务的正确基础。 - 将 IBM Z 整合到客户的混合云战略中,以充分利用基于 Red Hat OpenShift 开放式云原生开发 - 使用正确的 API 策略快速访问主机应用程序和数据。 - 采用通用企业 DevOps…

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z/OS Connect EE Deployment Planning Workshops

How to speed-up z/OS Connect EE adoption in your company with the deployment planning workshops. Aymeric & Eric tell you how you can leverage IBM Systems Lab Services assets & skills to…

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Aymeric Affouard and Eric Phan - Modern Access to IBM Z with z/OS Connect

In this video IBM Z modernization specialists Aymeric Affouard and Eric Phan discuss how IBM z/OS Connect can provide access to your IBM Z applications.

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IBM Z application modernization in place

Modernize applications on IBM Z at a fraction of the time, cost, and risk associated with Public Cloud alone "rip and replace" modernization strategies. IBM’s approach lets you…

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Open source Continuous Integration pipeline for zOS Connect assets

This video shows our modern continuing integration pipeline to manage the zOS connect artifacts and improve developer productivity

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Building Better Apps

For more information , visit: Looking to manage connectivity to and from your back-end systems? IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition offers an express connection to your data.…

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