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Why API Management?

Node.js, GraphQL, Spring Boot, and Golang, are just a few options we have as technologists to build modern API's today. So, it is imperative that organizations implement a strategy to manage…

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REST API and OpenAPI: It’s Not an Either/Or Question

How are REST APIs and OpenAPI related, and why should you use OpenAPI when working with REST APIs or services? In this lightboard video, Nathan Hekman with IBM Cloud, answers these questions and much…

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What is an API Gateway?

The rapid increase of online services has driven the development of increasingly complex web applications using a microservice-based system that can consist of dozens or even hundreds of individual…

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What is a REST API?

What is a REST API? What are the benefits and how are they fundamental to your cloud application? In this lightboard video, Nathan Hekman with IBM Cloud, answers these questions and much more as he…

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Event Endpoint Management Explained

Event Endpoint Management plays a key role in scaling messaging systems like Kafka. In this video, Jamil Spain shares four tips on best practices implementing Event Endpoint Management.

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No-Code OpenAPIs in minutes

IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack use case demonstration of the "No-code OpenAPIs in minutes" scenario Visit our product page for more information -…

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zOS Academy - zOS JSON Data Server with new Modern API Access

This session introduces new modern APIs to our existing z/OS JSON data store. The new APIs allow for rapid development of applications requiring the high availability and scalability of Parallel…

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IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center Overview

Watch an overview of the IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center on IBM Z and LinuxONE.

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Event: Modernizing business critical applications with open languages on z/OS (Day 1)

z/OS is not just for COBOL, PL/I, and Assembler developers – organizations can also draw on open languages like Node.js, Python, and Go to write business-critical applications on z/OS to…

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Open source Continuous Integration pipeline for zOS Connect assets

This video shows our modern continuing integration pipeline to manage the zOS connect artifacts and improve developer productivity

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¿Qué es OpenShift? - LA - CO-ES

Eche un vistazo a este video de resumen rápido con Sai Vennam a medida que pasa por cada capa de la arquitectura OpenShift y explica cómo un desarrollador y un ingeniero de operaciones…

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Introducción a Red Hat OpenShift en IBM Cloud - LA - CO-ES

Mire este video con Sai Vennam de IBM Cloud, ya que explica cómo Red Hat OpenShift en IBM Cloud le permitirá construir e implementar aplicaciones basadas en contenedores con velocidad y…

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PaaS Explained

In this lightboard video, Tessa Rodes with IBM Cloud explains what Platform as a Service, or PaaS, is while also using multiple analogies to illustrate how PaaS can be a more cost efficient solution…

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Visite guidée de Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

En savoir plus sur Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud : En savoir plus sur le Cloud : Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud permet aux…

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Présentation de Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

En savoir plus sur Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud : Consultez ce guide complet sur le Cloud Computing : Red Hat OpenShift…

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JR West: Using Cloud, AI and IoT to make infrastructure a services industry

JR West Group, a railway company in Japan, adopted IBM API Connect to offer its operations data as APIs to create open innovation, reduce service costs and improve productivity. Developers can embed…

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