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Video 3: Day in the life of a mainframe Developer using Git Workflow: Validate your work with ADDI

When developers complete their code changes, it is important to check for defects before merging them into the main code branch. With ADDI, developers can visually inspect dependencies, finding…

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IBM Test Accelerator for Z

IBM Test Accelerator for Z is a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize testing on IBM Z®. This innovative tool expedites the shift-left approach, fostering smooth collaboration between…

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IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) Demo

IBM® Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence, also known as ADDI, provides current, consumable information about your mainframe software assets and resources, empowering you to plan and…

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Containers at the Edge

IBM Developer Advocate Dan Kehn explains the importance of Containers at the Edge and how this helps us to bring tech out of the cloud and onto the devices we use every day in a scalable and secure…

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Social Engineering - How Bad Guys Hack Users

Humans are the weakest link in any security system. So why would a bad guy try to hack into a complex system when they can go after the weakest link - you? Watch how Jeff Crume, IBM Distinguished…

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Tech Talk: What's Next in Open Source

You love open source, we love open source! But how does an open source go from idea to popular project to an actual commercial product? E.G. Nadhan, Global Chief Architect at Red Hat explains how…

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DevSecOps demo for unified workloads (z & non-z) on IBM Cloud

End-to-end demo of the unified DevSecOps solution created by the ALM Deployable Architecture on IBM Cloud. Join or contact the team at

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Demo: Go running in a native z/OS Container platform

Since their introduction, containers have been a main part of application development due to their portability and efficiency. With the release of the z/OS Container Platform (zOSCP) 1.1, developers…

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An innovative approach to payments

The IBM Payments Center® helps deliver the latest digital payments innovation.

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The value of outsourcing payment processing

The IBM Payments Center® offers business process outsourcing through our Payments-as-a-Service (PAYaaS) platform. This allows businesses to reduce the infrastructure and operational costs of…

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The shifting world of payments

Existing payments systems lack the strategic value banks need today; they need a modernized payments infrastructure that reduces friction by connecting traditional banks, payment operators, clearing…

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Video 2: Day in the life of a mainframe Developer using Git Workflow: Update and build with VS Code

Although knowing what to do in a code change is important, actually doing the change isn’t always straightforward. In this video, Deb the Developer gets a crash course from Mark the Manager on…

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Navigating Composable ERP

Many organizations today have in place a monolithic environment where all the capabilities they use are in a single system. What works better is an environment where they can implement the right tool…

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Accelerated, Gen AI powered Mainframe App Modernization with IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z

Many of the top global enterprises and organizations run their mission critical workloads on IBM Z. Building off the recent announcement of IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z, clients can now…

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Video1: Day in the life of a mainframe Developer using Git Workflow: Discovery with ADDI

When developers need to make a change, understanding the impact of the update is crucial to prevent unwanted change impacts, which could delay production releases or cause roll-backs. With…

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Video 0: Day in the life of a mainframe developer using Git Workflow - Intro

The move from a legacy SCM on Z to Git and Git Workflow is significant. What does that practically mean to you, an everyday mainframe developer? In this video series you can see how easy it is to…

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