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Lifecycle of a service | z/OS Management Service Catalog

Services transform how your organization manages z/OS. Learn about the lifecycle of a service from creation through publishing, running, and removal. Get started using services with z/OS Management…

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IBM Z Anomaly Analytics v5.1.0.7 Topology Service

IBM Z Anomaly Analytics with Watson v1.5.0.7 has delivered a new topology feature which adds additional context to its existing anomaly detection capabilities to help IT Operators and Z Subject…

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Db2 13 for z/OS Overview

Db2 13 for z/OS brings leading-edge innovation that reinforces Db2 for z/OS as a foundation of enterprise computing for hybrid cloud.

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Migrating SCLM Projects to Git Repositories (2019 Webinar)

Learn from the experts on how to easily migrate from Software Configuration and Library Manager (SCLM) to Git on IBM Z. The SCLM product offering is IBM’s ISPF-based SCM component that runs on…

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IBM Z DevOps Village; Session Seven Testing, Part 2

In this session we welcome Shabbir Moledina, Dennis Behm, and David Rice. Shabbir Moledina is the manager of the IBM Z DevOps Acceleration Team and has been with IBM for 15 years. Dennis Behm is an…

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Git Branching Models for Mainframe Development Workflows

This video is a discussion between two experts in DevOps on the Mainframe on the topic of git branching strategies. Due to the complexities of development on the mainframe, there may be different…

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Build Better and Deliver Faster with GitLab and DBB on IBM Z

Enterprise-wide DevOps standardization, including applications running on z/OS, is now possible! Integration with IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB) extends and enhances the powerful GitLab solution to…

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Wazi aaS; Deploying and using Wazi Developer for Workspaces from an OpenShift Cluster in IBM Cloud

This video demonstrates the advantages of deploying and using Wazi Developer for workspaces from an OpenShift Cluster in IBM Cloud. Learn how a system administrator can initially install and…

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What's new is GDPS? 04142022

GDPS is IBM's premier continuous availability, disaster recovery, and cyber-resiliency solution for managing z/OS, z/VM, and Linux on IBM Z and their data, both within and across sites. In…

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IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Correlator and Navigator Introduction

Brief overview of the IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator and IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Correlator. For more information, please refer to…

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IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator Single Interval Demo

A brief demonstration of IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator for a single interval data set. For more information, please refer to…

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Installing z/OS Package Manager

Installing IBM z/OS Package Manager on RedHat OpenShift Container Platform as part of IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack. This shows a system administrator how to install and configure IBM z/OS…

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IBM Wazi; Running COBOL DBB Build Sessions with your VSI using IBM Wazi and VS Code

This video demonstrates how to use IBM Z Open Editor with scripts to utilize technology such as Ansible and Groovy to build and run within the editor.

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zCX for OpenShift Overview

A brief technical overview of zCX Foundation for Red Hat OpenShift, this video shows how you can deploy containerized Linux-on-Z applications in a Red Hat OpenShift cluster inside a z/OS system to…

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What's new in IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 6.4

New features and enhancements in IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 6.4. For more information, visit the COBOL for z/OS product page.

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IBM Wazi as a Service; Connecting a Virtual Server Instance (VSI)

This video demonstrates how to connect to a virtual server instance in IBM Cloud. This demonstration is based on the 2-14-22 Statement of Direction and is subject to change.

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