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LinuxONE助力银行构建稳敏双态混合多云架构 1. 什么是LinuxONE?2. LinuxONE解决方案的独特价值3. 最佳实践分享 如有任何问题,致电IBM销售顾问 400-6692-039

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云中核心,稳敏合一新基建,共应时变 - IBM大中华区系统部总经理概述IBM核心能力

IBM LinuxONE、Z和Storage核心能力介绍

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遇见 IBM LinuxONE™, 构建卓越的企业级平台

遇见 IBM LinuxONE™, 构建卓越的企业级平台 加速芯片加密技术,支持创新,保护静态和动态数据,免遭内部和外部威胁 如果您有任何问题请: 致电 IBM (服务时间:周一至周五 9:00-17:00) 400-6692-039

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The cloud you want with the privacy and security you need

In your journey to cloud, you need to avoid cloud security risks and migration challenges. This requires cloud without compromise. With the new IBM Z as part of your hybrid cloud infrastructure,…

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