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AIOps on IBM Z: Integrated Observability

In this video we simulate how AIOps for IBM Z solutions solve an issue originating in a mainframe subcomponent, impacting a hybrid business application. Learn more about AIOps on IBM Z…

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Reduce Z data archival and disaster recovery costs using Cloud Storage

Say goodbye to inefficient and expensive storage solutions and discover a whole new world of possibilities for managing your IBM Z data. Unlock the full potential of cloud storage to minimize…

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AIOps on IBM Z Act: IT automation

In this video we will highlight how the AIOps for IBM Z framework can help you address a wide variety of automation needs and use cases. Learn more about AIOps on IBM Z solutions at…

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IT Automation grabs the spotlight

The numbers are in. See why executives are investing 59% of IT budgets on technologies related to intelligent automation.

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IBM watsonx Code Assistant Product Demonstration

Code with confidence using natural language inputs with IBM watsonx Code Assistant.

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인시던트 관리는 더 이상 골치 아픈 문제가 아닙니다

IBM의 지원을 통해 강력한 AI를 활용하고, 노동 집약적인 프로세스를 자동화하며, 선제적으로 인시던트를 해결하고, DevSecOps 모델을 도입할 수 있습니다.데모 시청하기:등록하고 시작하기:…

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可帮助您充分利用人工智能的优势,将劳动密集型流程自动化,实现积极主动的事件解决方案,并引入 DevSecOps 集成模型。 观看演示:立即注册,开始使用:

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Innovation Conversation WebSphere and Liberty

John Greene, Director of IBM Cloud Platform product management, explains how IBM is innovating to drive application modernization, automation of operations and…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps Insights Dashboard

Understand the business context and impact of an IT incident with the all new IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps Insights Dashboard

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Understanding the complete power of AIOPs in your IT stack

Stephen Elliot, Group Vice President, I&O, Cloud Operations, and DevOps at IDC discusses how combining Application Resource Management with Application Performance Monitoring mitigates risk such…

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Forrester's Total Economic Impact of Turbonomic Application Resource Management results webinar

Get a look at “Forrester Total Economic Impact report for Turbonomic ARM” report with ROI findings and hear Carhartt share their experiences with Turbonomic.

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Leverage new AI technologies to make jobs more productive

Mike Gilfix breaks down the Automation opportunity for organizations and how AI can be leveraged. Automation within an organization can be applied across both Business and IT.

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What is Ansible?

How can you replace your repetitive, mundane IT tasks and become more productive and efficient? In this lightboard video, Sai Vennam with IBM Cloud, visually explains how Ansible, an open…

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