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Video 3: Day in the life of a mainframe Developer using Git Workflow: Validate your work with ADDI

When developers complete their code changes, it is important to check for defects before merging them into the main code branch. With ADDI, developers can visually inspect dependencies, finding…

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IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) Demo

IBM® Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence, also known as ADDI, provides current, consumable information about your mainframe software assets and resources, empowering you to plan and…

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DevSecOps demo for unified workloads (z & non-z) on IBM Cloud

End-to-end demo of the unified DevSecOps solution created by the ALM Deployable Architecture on IBM Cloud. Join or contact the team at

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Using Buztool for Deployments with UrbanCode Deploy

This video explains how to use Buztool for deployments with UrbanCode Deploy.

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UrbanCode Deploy - Processing and Sharing Property Values

This video reviews passing property with UrbanCode Deploy.

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Running a Generic Process in UrbanCode Deploy

This video describes running a generic process in UrbanCode Deploy.

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UrbanCode Deploy Installation Server

This video demonstrates using the UrbanCode Deploy Installation server.

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UrbanCode Deploy Installation Agent

This video demonstrates using the UrbanCode Deploy Installation agent.

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UrbanCode Deploy Overview

This video provides an overview of UrbanCode Deploy.

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可帮助您充分利用人工智能的优势,将劳动密集型流程自动化,实现积极主动的事件解决方案,并引入 DevSecOps 集成模型。 观看演示:立即注册,开始使用:

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O gerenciamento de incidentes não precisa ser trabalhoso

A IBM ajuda você a aproveitar o poder da IA para automatizar processos trabalhosos, resolver incidentes de forma proativa e adotar um modelo de DevSecOps integrado.Assista à…

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Quickly creating a toolchain for z/OS with a CI pipeline

A toolchain is a set of tool integrations that support development, deployment, and operations tasks. In this video, we describe how a DevOps engineer can create a Toolchain for the Continuous…

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Quantum-Safe Cryptography and ADDI

Quantum-Safe Cryptography and the ADDI Tool

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Address vulnerabilities rapidly with WebSphere Automation

The vulnerability that was discovered recently with the Apache Log4j library has highlighted the importance of being able to rapidly identify the affected servers in your WebSphere estate. This video…

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Incident Management Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache

IBM helps you leverage the power of AI and automate labor-intensive processes, achieve proactive incident resolution, and embrace an integrated DevSecOps model. Watch the demo:…

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How to use the secure build virtual server on IBM Hyper Protect Virtual Servers

IBM® Hyper Protect Virtual Servers are designed to protect mission critical Linux workloads throughout the DevSecOps lifecycle—even from privileged administrators. Hyper Protect Virtual…

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