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Prolifics Data Fabric audiogram

Kris Brown, Head of Data Solutions at Prolifics, describes two client success stories featuring IBM Cloud Pak for Data and data fabric. The fast-paced, two-minute audiogram illustrates business and…

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Tim Wetzel, AmerisourceBergen, audiogram

Digital transformation requires surgical focus on the customer.

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Abercrombie & Fitch audiogram

This audiogram features Eric Johnson, Group VP digital solutions, Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

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花旗集团 Citi + IBM : 将内部审计与AI 结合在一起

花旗集团 Citi 通过机器学习、NLP 和 AI 实现关键内部审计转型。IBM Watson® Discovery, IBM Cloud Pak® for Data and IBM® OpenPages® with Watson 授权审计师更好地为客户服务。

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Citi + IBM: Bringing internal audit and AI together

Citi transforms critical internal audit with machine learning, NLP and AI. IBM Watson® Discovery, IBM Cloud Pak® for Data and IBM® OpenPages® with Watson empower auditors to better…

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An intelligent platform puts State Bank of India customers first [Audiogram]

An intelligent platform puts State Bank of India customers first. Learn more in this case study -

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Asteria CEO Interview: Audiogram

I think what happened. to the mobile phone will happen to banking. No one thinks about a. phone without apps today. As an end client you want an experience tailored to your needs.

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Smarter Business Virtual Exchange: Tina Marron-Partridge

Tina Marron-Partridge, Managing Partner, IBM Talent & Transformation, on why humanity is the starting point for modern business transformation.

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Smarter Business Virtual Exchange: Sue Kay

Learn how Compass Group is innovating quickly while realizing intelligent workflows at scale.

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Modernizing Hybrid Cloud Management

Robin Hernandez explains what you need to look at in your IT operations to ensure that you are managing your costs and resources effectively in today's environment. Everything from how the…

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IBM WebSphere: 2030 support extension

We know that the applications that run your business today are going to be around for a long time, so we decided to extend our support window for WebSphere version 8.55 and 9.05 through at least 2030.

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Quarkus is an interesting new runtime …

Get a 30-second introduction to Quarkus, a new runtime from Red Hat and IBM.

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Think 2020: Eileen Lowry [Audiogram]

"For better or for worse there is a proliferation of information in this digital world. And there is too much for knowledge worker to actually consume and act on in its raw form. And in fact,…

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Think 2020: Dr. Rania Khalaf [Audiogram]

"Let's take a look at this notion of a hybrid workforce. Historically, automation brought standardization and division of labor for how the humans and machines work together. As these…

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Think 2020: Harley Davis [Audiogram]

When we look at how to apply automation to the the challenges that we're facing today, we really look at it as as a ladder. The first part of that latter, that continuum, is what we call…

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Think 2020: Dominque Dubois [Audiogram] 2

"One defining aspect of intelligent workflows I want to call out is that it brings together the business-led, and the technology-led discussions around modernization. So modernization of your…

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