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The next chapter in intelligent automation

Automation is not new. It has been an integral component to work and augment jobs since the dawn of the industrial era. Join Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO AI Automation as he explains the…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 技术演示视频

这是一支 IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOP 的技术演示视频。 该视频主要讲解 AI 和自动化如何帮助 ITOps 经理和 SRE 进行事件管理和补救。

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Partners in Telco Cloud Network Automation: Palo Alto Networks

IBM and Palo Alto Networks discuss the topic of security as Communications Service Providers (CSPs) embrace AI-powered automation to evolve to 5G.

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Introduction to AutoAI: Predict the effect of future sales promotion using AutoAI capabilities within IBM Watson Studio

This video discusses the need for automation of AI and introduces an AutoAI Experiment. Training models can be time-consuming. Watson Machine Learning contains a tool for making this…

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Automation of AI Accelerating the AI Revolution (sponsored by IBM Watson) - Ruchir Puri (IBM)

Ruchir Puri discusses the next revolution in automating AI, which strives to deploy AI to automate the task of building, deploying, and managing AI tasks, accelerating enterprises' journey to…

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How AI-powered service desks outperform traditional IT service desks

In a world where teams are spread across the globe and constantly mobile, your employees need around-the-clock service desk support. IBM’s AI-powered service desk offering, Workplace Support…

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